In the presence of vice minister Lai of MonRe and Dutch ambassador Joop Scheffers, the consultancy firm HKV presented the first version of Dashboard Vietnam during a workshop in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hydrologic and hydraulic information
Dashboard Vietnam shows various hydrologic and hydraulic information as well as information from social networks, for flood and disaster management. Vietnamese authorities are interested in improved cooperation in this field and Dashboard can help with this.

The workshop was made possible by the Dutch embassy in Hanoi and the Netherlands Space Office and was organised within the framework of the Dutch cooperation “Water and Climate Services”.

Accessible information
Open data and information initiatives are growing worldwide and ever more data and information is available for flood and disaster managers. Dashboard processes these worldwide information flows and presents them in a comprehensible, accessible manner.

In the region this is relevant, because important decisions now need to be made on the basis of very little information.

HKV works in various regions on the Dashboard Flood Management, among others in Indonesia, Philippines and United States of America.

This press release was originally published on the website of HKV Consultants.

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