This year’s edition of the IFAT trade fair on water, sewage, waste and raw materials will take place from May 7 -11. The trade fair is organized by the Messe Munchen and attracts over 100.000 visitors from all over the world.

This year’s edition of IFAT has a special Dutch pavilion with water technology companies showing their latest innovations. The Netherlands is a breeding ground for innovative and sustainable water technology, especially in the field of membrane filtration, anaerobic waste water treatment and water re use. At the pavilion many new innovative concepts will be presented to the global water market. The pavilion is situated in hall A3 – booth 311/410.

In addition to ones in the pavilion, many other Dutch water technology companies also show their cutting edge products at IFAT. In total more than 30 Dutch water technology companies will be present, showing a wide variety of high quality products.

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Dutch IFAT exhibitors (in water technology) in alphabetical order:

AkzoNobel Water Treatment Chemicals
AkzoNobel Water Treatment Chemicals supplies metal salts, known as Quadroflcos and Sanic-Fe to purify water. The metal salts react with water forming a precipitate of hydroxides, called flocks, which absorb impurities and chemically bind for example phosphorus. After coagulation of the impurities they are easy to remove by gravity.
Visit stand 235 in hall A3

Aquaver developed the world’s first commercial system based on membrane distillation technology. This revolutionary technology produces clean water (<2µS/cm) from any water source and can concentrate any wastewater up to very high concentration ratios. Powered by natural energy, a fully reliable technology which requires minimal supervision and maintenance.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

Berson UV
Berson UV develops, manufactures and markets disinfection systems for fluids and surfaces, based on advanced ultraviolet (UV) light technology. Applications are found in various industries including drinking water, wastewater, food, fish farms, swimming pools, chemical industries, process water.

Special product shown at IFAT: compact Cyclops UV unit
This unit is designed to be installed in tight spaces or where piping is mounted close to a wall, such as ground water treatment stations or mobile disinfection stations.
Visit stand 401 in hall A3

Biothane is the anaerobic expertise centre of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies. With more than 520 full scale plants in over 40 countries worldwide, Biothane is a world leader for anaerobic industrial wastewater treatment.

Special product shown at IFAT: Memthane
This Anaerobic MBR technology is applied on full scale for high-strength industrial waste streams from dairy industries (whey), distilleries and Biofuel production (stillage), and for COD concentrations up to 120,000 mg/l. These AnMBR systems achieve COD removal efficiencies of more than 99%, and produce renewable biogas which can cover up to 100% of the energy demand of such industries. The Memthane systems are equipped with cross-flow units from X-Flow (Pentair), which enable easy membrane maintenance. The clear and SS free effluent, facilitates easy nutrient recovery and water-reuse. In our laboratory in Delft we can test your waste streams in Memthane units.
Visit stand 139/238 in hall A3

Bosman Water management
Bosman Water management designs, manufactures and installs a wide variety of systems for the control of surface water levels and treatment of waste water. All installations supplied by Bosman Water management, including turnkey deliveries of complete pumping stations and modern wastewater treatment plants.

Special product shown at IFAT: Fuzzy Filter
A high speed filtration system with compressible medium for the removal of suspended solids with a filtration rate between 75-100 m/h. Plate aerators for a high efficiency fine bubble aeration system.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

BWA is a supplier of high quality technologies for water- and wastewater treatment, for industrial as well as municipal applications. BWA offers process design, supply of machinery, (turn-key) installations, service and maintenance.

Special product shown at IFAT: GaLiCos
This gas liquid contact system is the best solution for aerating, concentrating, thickening, distillation, evaporation and stripping of liquids and for scrubbing of (hot) gasses. The patented treatment provides a very intensive gas/liquid contact, offering an optimal exchange of components at minimal energy input. Even waste energy e.g. from heating, cooling and ventilating may be put to good use.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

Capilix is a company in The Netherlands with an experienced team of professionals and a strong industrial customer network. Capilix wants to create a more sustainable water cycle by improving control of industrial water processes.

Special product shown at IFAT: Qwatch
a robust industrial on-line analyses instrument, based microchip CE technology for heavy duty monitoring of industrial water and on-line chemical analysis with lab quality results. Specific advantages are: short response time, integrated calibration, one instrument for multiple components, a wide range of cations and anions can be monitored.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

Desah is specialized in new sanitation concept, including water recycling, recovery of raw materials and energy provision. Water treatment is only a subset. Desah seeks to optimize the collection, transport and processing of waste water.

Special product shown at IFAT: Customized decentralised sanitation
All houses in a new residential area in Sneek, in the Netherlands, are connected to the new customized sanitation system provided by Desah. The black water (toilet effluent), grey water (other effluent) and organic household waste (vegetable and fruit waste) from the houses will be transported to a fermenting plant where the organic material will be converted into biogas. The biogas and heat developed from grey water will then be used by a central facility to deliver heating water to the houses.
Visit stand 127 in hall A2

DMT has an extensive program of turn-key delivery solutions for the treatment of water for both municipal and industrial applications. From industrial waste water treatment plants to various aeration systems and compact sewage treatment plants for households and small communities which are not connected to mains drainage.

Special products shown at IFAT: DMT IWOX individual waste water treatment system
Visit stand 110 in hall B3

Efcon/AVM is specialized in the production of stationary waste water samplers and the integration of these samplers in waste water billing Installations.

Special product shown at IFAT: Efcon industrial sampler
a customized fully automatic sampling station
Visit stand 110 in hall A5

ESEP Milieutechniek
ESEP Milieutechniek is specialised in the development, production, and delivering of purifying equipment intended for industrial wastewater treatment. ESEP has more than 30 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment systems.

Special product shown at IFAT: Vortex flow control unit
The flow limiter of stainless steel (AISI 316) type CY/UC is designed to limit the flow in overflow basins, surge basins and sewer systems (combined and rainwater) to a predefined, maximum drainage capacity. Advantages include: considerable saving in the size of industrial water purification system, no moving parts, consumes no energy, corrosion-free construction.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

Eijkelkamp is an international organisation offering solutions geared to customer needs for soil and water research. Eijkelkamp Carefree Solutions provides innovative and socially responsible products and solutions.

Special product shown at IFAT: Diver datalogger
The Diver datalogger is the smallest instrument in the world for automatic measurement and registration of groundwater levels and groundwater temperatures. The CTD-Diver also measures conductivity.
Visit stand 604 in hall A5

GMF Gouda
GMF Gouda offers an integrated approach for the set-up of sludge processing lines. This approach combines engineering, design, installation and start-up to guarantee the realization of customers goals in a stable and reliable production process.

Special product shown at IFAT: Paddle Dryer
The Paddle Dryer is a proven performer for drying municipal and industrial sludge. It consists of heated trough containing rotating heated paddle shafts, designed for a maximum heat transfer.
Visit stand 312 in hall A3

HydroTane is a group of companies specialized in industrial waste water treatment, water recycling, solid waste digestion and biogas treatment. It has more than 30 years of practical experience in the design, engineering and construction of biological waste water treatment plants for industrial applications.

Special product shown at IFAT: ECSB – easy as be
One year after its introduction of the sustainable anaerobic ECSB-process already four installation were sold. ECSB – external circulation sludge bed - is the second generation EGSB, specially developed for customers with limited available space for their water treatment and located close to urban areas. The HydroThane STP ECSB design has eliminated noise and odor related issues that were present in other older anaerobic processes
Visit stand 514 in hall A4

Innovative Membrane Technologies
IMT is specialised in UF and MF technology using an unique, proprietary R&D, membrane technique. IMT produces singlebore and multibore PES (polyethersulfone) membranes used in various advance water treatment applications. IMT has become an appreciated, respected and solution driven party with references and partners all over the world.
Visit us in the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

K-Pack water
K-Pack water is a global supplier of wastewater treatment facilities since the 1970s. The scope of supply includes modular cross flow settlers, dissolved air flotation units, pipe flocculators and compact biological treatment systems. Additionally we deliver products like screens, sand filtration, active carbon filtration, water softening and reverse osmosis.
Visit stand 300 in hall A1

Landustrie is one of the leading companies in waste water treatment with almost 100 years of world-wide experience. Landustrie´s main products are: Landy screw pumps with several bearing types, such as Eco-friendly lower bearings, Landy low-speed surface aerators, Landox aeration systems, Landy aeration rotors, Landy screen cleaners.

Special product shown at IFAT: hydro power screw turbine
An efficient use of water power is already achieved at a level difference of 1 meter and a capacity of 500 l/sec. The largest capacity and level difference for hydropower screws is as much as 15000 l/sec. at 10 meter. Benefits of hydropower screws: highest efficiency (up to 86%), simple installation and easy implementation in existing situations (no civil construction work)
sewage and mixing pumps
Landustrie introduces the Seawolf and Beaver series sewage pumps, available in series up to 300 m3/h. Suitable for both submerged and dry pit application. The new Otter series of sewage mixing pumps are extremely suitable for heavily polluted pits and/or basins.
Visit stand 127 in hall A2

LIT UV Europe
LIT UV Europe is specialized in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of UVGI disinfection systems for wide-range applications. The company owns full-scale production facilities, which allows it to offer customers turn-key projects. Now more than 3000 large UV systems have been commissioned by LIT worldwide , including the world’s largest one installed in Saint Petersburg (WTP 864,000 m2/day).
Visit stand 211/310 in hall A3

Nijhuis Pompen (Pentair)
Pentair Nijhuis Pompen designs, produces, delivers and maintains high-performance pumps and pump systems for a variety of applications: water, irrigation & flood control, marine & dredging, (petrochemical) industry, firefighting and desalination.

Special product shown at IFAT: Fish-friendly pump
Pentair Nijhuis will show the fish-friendly pump that allows 100 percent of eel and at least 97 percent of the scale fish to pass through it unharmed. Despite the necessary fish-friendly alterations, the pump achieves a minimum efficiency of 80 percent. The special shaped impeller creates a favorable flow in the water that allows the fish to get through the pump safely, in spite of the relatively high rotational speed. Furthermore, there is more space between the impeller blades than with conventional pumps, which considerably reduces the chance of the fish and eels being hit.
Visit stand 425/524 in hall A6

Nijhuis Water Technology
Nijhuis Water Technology is active in 50 countries serving the industry for more than 30 years with innovative waste water and waste treatment systems. Today’s focus is on creating value from water and waste, using the latest technologies and advanced designs.

Special product shown at IFAT: Aecobag digester
In addition to the Taurus reactor and the Aecomix, the new Aecobag digester is simple and economical attractive, designed for liquid substrates, for example manure of pigs and cows, and very suitable for operation at farm scale projects. Manures is heated and digested into biogas. The created biogas will be transferred by a CHP installation into heat and energy. The digestate can be used as fertilizer directly on the land or upgraded to high quality fertilizers
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

Norit Activated Carbon
Norit Activated Carbon is a global company, leading the way in purification solutions based on activated carbon technology. Its granular activated carbon (GAC) is nowadays used on a large scale in drinking water treatment all over the world.
water treatment
Visit stand 101 in hall A2

Paques supplies biotechnology to purify water and gas. Revitalizing resources is the motto. Paques helps companies to contribute to the major challenges of today: to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources.

Special product shown at IFAT: Biopaq AFR – anaerobic flotation reactor
The Biopaq AFR is specially designed for the anaerobic treatment of fat and/or oil containing (energy-rich) wastewater, producing valuable biogas. The sludge is retained by means of an integrated flotation-unit. As a result the reactor contains relatively high concentrations of biomass which makes it possible to apply high loading rates. In the integrated flotation-unit the sludge is floated with biogas-bubbles, the water beneath this layer contains few solids and is withdrawn as effluent of the system. No chemicals are used for separation of the bacterial sludge.
Visit stand 229/328 in hall A1

RWB is specialized in the design, construction and installation of complete (waste) water treatment plants for a wide range of industry sectors.

Special product shown at IFAT:
Metawater ceramic membrane filtration system
Metawater ceramic membrane filtration is a reliable technology to produce clean drinking water by removing turbidity, suspended solids, bacteria, and cryptosporidium and other protozoa contained in various raw water sources. Using a ceramic membrane as a filter, this system is a low cost and long life filtration system that can enable a drinking water supply system to meet recent demands for safe and tasty water.
Visit stand 223 in hall A2

Schlumberger Water Services
Schlumberger operates globally, specializing in the development, management, and environmental protection of water resources. Trust the experts – reduce your water footprint today!

Special product shown at IFAT: Aquifer storage and recovery
Schlumberger Water Services’ aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) systems offer a cost-effective, solution for the underground storage of water to secure the water supply – naturally
Visit stand 604 in hall A5

Schneider ingenieursbureau
Schneider is specialized in the design and construction of industrial wastewater treatment systems for the food processing industry. More than thirty years of experience and knowledge guarantee the correct designs to provide the right solutions, not only focused on the end result but going to the source of the problem.
Visit our stand 235 in hall A3

Spaans Babcock
Spaans Babcock brings solutions for pumping (screw pump), aeration, screening systems, and hydro power plants (turnkey project). It has 30.000 references worldwide and over 110 years of experience.
Visit stand 311 in hall A1

Sustec realizes technologies for recovery of raw materials and nutrients and the purification of water. Sustec is very experienced in the area of hydrolysis of biomass, anaerobic and aerobic technology, biomass fermentation, nutrient recovery and membrane filtration. Specific technologies can be applied for each waste stream.

Special product shown at IFAT: TurboTec sludge treatment
Sustec and GMB are realizing a full scale TurboTec installation on the municipal waste water treatment plant Venlo in the Netherlands, with a capacity of 7,000 tons ds per year. Together with anaerobic digestion more energy is generated and the sludge processing costs are cut. In the summer of 2012 the installation will be put into operation.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3

Ten Cate Geosynthetics
Ten Cate offers over 25 years of geotextile fabrication expertise. TenCate Geotube has the industry`s largest staff of technicians and sales personnel that can provide field installation assistance in the most challenging environments. Geotube, Geobag, and Geocontainer geotextile tubes can be custom fabricated to meet the requirements of each specific project.
Visit stand 409 in hall A2

VWS MPP systems (Veolia)
MPP systems is the hydrocarbon removal water treatment specialist, part of the oil & gas division within Veolia Water.

Special products shown at IFAT: TiPSS treatment system for oily waste water
TiPSS technology uses titles plate for the (pre)treatment of oily waste water. Various technologies are offered - CPI (Corrugated Plate Interceptor) - CFI (Cross Flow Interceptor) - PCFI (Pressurized Cross Flow Interceptor) - DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation).
Visit stand 139/238 in hall A3

Water alliance
Water alliance is a unique partnership of public and private companies, government agencies and knowledge institutes involved in water technology. The Water Alliance focuses on innovative and sustainable water technology that can be used worldwide. It brings together a complete chain of innovation for water technology, from first ideas, research & development, specialized laboratories, an application centre, various demo-sites, launching customers to commercial use.
Visit the Dutch pavilion stand 311/410 in hall A3