Visitors of IFAT 2018 may have wondered why Nijhuis Industries showed a washing table, an urinoir and a stack of three growing boxes with mint herbs on their booth: to make the Radler beer more tasty.

The setup demonstrated the special concept developed by Nijhuis Industries to turn waste water into taste.

dws-ifat2018-nijhuis-booth-350px  The packed booth of Nijhuis Industries at IFAT 2018.

Circular sanitation concept
Waste-to-taste is a circular sanitation concept that utilises space technology with modular plug-and-play elements to treat separately collected human faeces (black), urine (yellow) and household washing water (grey).

After treatment the water can be re-used and the remaining fertilizer can be used to grow food.

Nijhuis Industries developed the concept (on top photo at the IFAT-booth) together with startup Semilla for cost-effective sanitation hubs in remote places and disaster areas.

The ‘water-to-taste’ concept fits in the growing portfolio of Nijhuis Industry offering a range of waste water treatment technologies to recover all kinds of valuable resources such as fat, ammonia, biogas and clean water.

dws-ifat2018-nijhuis-i-dose-350pxThe fully redesigned i-Dose  intelligent dosing control.

Nijhuis’ philosophy is that the recovery of these resources, not only results in less sludge and therefore less waste handling costs, but can also create income for the operator of a waste water treatment plant and lower the operational costs.

Next step in automation
Day-to-day fluctuations in waste water demand a flexible dosing of chemicals to achieve the discharge requirement, using as little chemicals as possible.

At IFAT Nijhuis Industries showed its latest step in process automation for dosing chemicals: the upgrade version of the i-Dose.

The new real-time monitoring system not only looks fancy in the well designed and colourful housing, it can save up to 30 percent on chemical consumption. The i-Dose consists of a UV-vis spectrometer, control & algorithm, monitoring system and automatic cleaning mechanism.

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