At this year’s IFAT, water technology supplier Paques launched a much smaller version of its continuous self-cleaning Astrasand sand filter. By redesigning the typical cone that contains the sand bed, Paques managed to reduce the height by one third, resulting in several advantages, one of which is 20 percent less energy use.

To mark the launch of the Astrasand Compact, Keith Hayward (left on top photo) of Paques handed over a model version of the filter to Sandy, one of the firm’s four ‘bacteria’ mascots that are always present at trade fairs.

dws-ifat2018-paques-astrasand-leeuwarden-350px  The first compact Astrasand filter is now opertional at an industrial site in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Multiple sand cones
‘Size does matter’, says Keith Hayward, business development director for sand filters at Paques. ‘It has been a longstanding idea to develop a version of our Astrasand filter that is less high, but the engineering proved to be difficult. Now we have finally succeeded. The main change is the replacement of the traditional single cone, by multiple smaller ones.’

According to Hayward the advantages are numerous. ‘As the filter is substantial smaller, it fits into many existing buildings, making it possible to be placed inside. This is a real advantage for many industrial clients.'

More flexible control
‘By operating with smaller cones, there is more flexibility to control the filtration process, compared to a traditional single cone version. It improves the sand velocity distribution, lowering the risk of plugging of the filter bed’, Hayward explains.

The smaller version also means less use of material and less energy consumption, particularly by the pumps, which lowers overall life cycle costs.

Same process
‘The filtration process stayed the same, so the new compact version builds on Paques' history of proven and reliable sand filtration technology’, Hayward assures.

‘We have some 35 years of experience in providing sand filtration and can point to some 3,500 installations we have built worldwide. This is a truly innovative development of a well-known and trusted filtration process’.

The first compact Astrasand is operational at an industrial plant in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

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Video explaining the new principle of Astrasand Compact Filter and the advantages of its multiple small cones.