At environmental trade fair IFAT2014 over 50 Dutch watertech companies exhibite their latest water treatment products and services.

However, this is not the only reason for them to come to Munich, says director Hein Molenkamp of the Water Alliance at the Holland Business Pavilion on the first day of the trade fair: "Some are also here to seek contact with end users, research centres and other watertech companies from other European countries, to partner in EU-sponsored programmes to roll out new breakthrough technologies."

dws-ifat2014-water-alliance-molenkamp2-350pxDemand driven breakthroughs
Molenkamp is very much involved in the realisation of the Watercampus, a new Dutch eco innovation institute that is fully devoted to water technology, combining science and education with research and entrepreneurship.

"The Watercampus combines all aspects of water technology expertise, enabling the development of lab scale solutions to commercially viable products. The research activities at the campus are an integrated part of the whole product development, making it strongly demand driven", assures Molenkamp.

New contacts at IFAT
Many Dutch watertech companies were involved in EU programmes under the old FP7 research programme. Molenkamp: "The EU's new Horizon 2020 programme is much more business orientated and therefore the Dutch companies that we represent, are very interested to establish new contacts within the European Union to start up new EU-sponsored research and development projects. IFAT is a good place to look for such potential partners."

About Watercampus
WaterCampus, based in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, increasingly acts as water technology hub. The wide variety of organisations based at the WaterCampus creates an inspiring environment, offering opportunities to exchange knowledge and skills.

The WaterCampus is a joint development of Wetsus, Water Alliance, Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW), Centre of Innovative Craftmanship Water (CIV Water), Water Application Centre (WAC), Municipality Leeuwarden and the Fryslân province.

At the WaterCampus these organisations combine science and education with research and entrepreneurship.

The Water Alliance is present at the Holland business pavilion (booth: hall 3, 305/404).

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Business opportunities at the Watercampus, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.