dws-ihe-delft-coca-cola-women-lake-victoria-770pxWater education institute IHE Delft has received a grant from the Coca-Cola foundation to fund the ‘Women and Water for Change in Communities’ project.

This 2-year project will develop actions that empower women and youth in a number of rural African communities for a more sustainable use of water and promote wise use and stewardship of natural resources.

dws-ihe-delft-coca-cola-women-uganda-350pxLeadership role
The project’s overall purpose is to empower women to take a leadership role in local sustainable use of water, water-related natural resources and public health.

The targeted training of a small number of women will be an important enabling factor to enhance and disseminate knowledge and skills.

This will include supporting local women in identifying new approaches to water management, public health and to develop locally driven entrepreneurship.

Local communities
The project team will work with local communities and IHE partners in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Adopting an ‘action research’ approach, the project will both stimulate and reflect on activities and responses to project initiatives for more inclusion of women and youth in the management of their own resources.

The project aims to create more awareness of water stewardship and its economic benefits in each location.

The project will also pay specific attention to ICT-enabled local monitoring, examining the opportunities and conditions for using ICTs to improve community participation in water management and how ICT-based monitoring of water and other natural resources can make for better decision making at the local scale.

dws-ihe-delft-coca-cola-women-mabamba-350pxSimilar settings
Lessons shared among the communities in the three countries can stimulate wider awareness and understanding across similar settings in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The project will work with existing partners, including BirdLife International (Tanzania and Uganda), Nature Uganda (Uganda), World Wildlife Fund (Zambia), MacArthur Foundation.

The project sites range from large areas surrounding the Mara wetland in Tanzania, a small community of Mabamba Bay on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda and the Wakiso district in western Zambia.

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