dws-iww-flags-770pxThe second International Water Week Amsterdam will take place from 4-8 November. A series of water expert events will take place during the week, offering a unique combination of solutions, policy and science.

A large number of international delegations coming to the Dutch capital from all over the globe during the first edition in 2011. The event was attended by more than25.000 water professionals.

Two major activities during the International Water Week Amsterdam are IWW Conference on 5-6 November and Aquatech Amsterdam water technology trade exhibition on 5-8 November.

Overarching theme
The IWW2013 is organized biannually by Amsterdam RAI, International Water Association (IWA), International Water Conferences and Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) and and the overarching theme involves the transition to a green economy of water, energy and raw materials, in a resilient urban environment.

It is not surprising that this year's main conference is titled 'Integrated water solutions for a green economy'.

Call for papers
According to Professor Jan Peter van der Hoek of Delft University of Technology, the central theme of the conference goes beyond energy efficiency in water supply. Van der Hoek is a member of the 2013 IWW programme committee that recently published the call for papers for the conference. "The theme involves the reutilisation of water, energy and raw materials. It is about closing the water cycle."

Van der Hoek continues: "This is an especially important challenge in urban regions and river deltas, as climate change will have a great impact if the water community continues with the normal state of affairs. Re-organisation is needed to allow stakeholders from the energy and waste sector to join in. New and robust technologies are also needed for the production of renewables, as well as new concepts of spatial planning to withstand severe weather events such as droughts and floods."

Recovery of new products
dws-iww2013-call-for-papers-350pxThe call for papers by the programme committee addresses not only the reutilisation of water, but papers are also welcomed on the production of energy from waste water and the recycling of raw materials.

Van der Hoek: "We hope to receive papers on new recycling initiatives for specific materials, such as cellulose, struvite or phosphate. In terms of energy recovery, we are also very interested in the integration of waste water treatment and solid organic waste treatment, since these have an enormous potential as a source for renewable energy for urbanized regions."

More than just the usual suspects
The integration of waste streams is a major challenge, believes Van der Hoek. "It won't be easy, even though it is inevitable, taking into account the enormous future demands for water, food and energy in urbanized regions. Hosting the conference in the Netherlands, we added a special sub-theme for the special circumstances in densely populated and low lying river deltas. With salt intrusion, sea level rise and river run off, these areas need specific solutions."

"We hope that the call for papers will reveal new and inspiring initiatives that involve more than just the usual suspects", Professor Van den Hoek concludes.

The four subthemes of the 2013 IWW conference are:
- technology for optimization the urban water cycle
- urban delta technology, planning and management
- integrated urban water management
- industrial and municipal water solutions

Outline paper submission closes: 15 May, 2013
Download the call for papers: 2013 IWW Conference

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Katharine Cross, Programmes Coordinator, International Water Association (IWA)

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