dws-iwa2014-logo-lisbon-770pxOver 5,000 water professionals from over 90 countries are expected to attend this year's edition of the annual world water congress of the International Water Association. The event will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from 21-26 September.

The theme is 'Shaping our water future'.

The Dutch water sector will again be present with a large delegation of experts and a national pavilion (booth 243).

Increasing water demand
At the hearth of the programme will be the increasing demands and competition for water from cities, industries, power suppliers, farmers, nature and recreation, while mitigating the impact of climate change and variability.

Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director of the International Water Association, said on the eve of the event: "The lack of water security is one of the top global risks. The challenge for the water sector and water professionals is to turn this risk into an opportunity and create benefits well beyond the water sector. How we meet the needs and expectations, will be central to this year's congress and exhibition."

Strong Dutch presence
Portugal will be present with the largest delegation, followed by the Netherlands, China, France and Japan.

The Netherlands has one of the largest country pavilions with 10 participating organisations and companies. All delegates are invited to use the pavilion as a meeting place for their appointments with Dutch water professionals.

Watershare, an initiative by KWR water cycle institute, is a prinicipal sponsor and Dutch national association of drinking water companies Vewin is gold sponsor.

Review Dutch related contributions
Read below the full review of the Dutch related activities at IWA's world water congress 2014:
Business forum
Contributing experts

Stay tuned
Stay tuned as news items on this website will keep you up to date on the Dutch contributions to the IWA World Water Congress.

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Dutch exhibitors
Arcadis (booth 258)
Berson UV (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
BiAqua (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
Convergence (booth 115)
European benchmark cooperation (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
Kiwa (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
KWR (booth 217)
LG Sound (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
Netherlands Water partnership (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
Springer (booth 222)
Royal HaskoningDHV (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
Vewin (booth 243 - Holland pvilion)
Water Alliance (booth 243 - Holland pavilion)
● Watershare (booth 219)
Wetsus (booth 243 - Holland pavilion

Business forum

● KWR Watershare - Monday 3.30 pm, Tuesday 1.30 pm & Wednesday 3.30 pm,
BiAqua - Tuesday 2.15 pm
Kiwa - Wednesday 1.30 pm
LG Sound - Thursday 10.30 am

Contributing Dutch experts

Falco Aguilar Rubio, LG Sound

● Monitoring and controlling of algae in lakes and reservoirs with MP C-Buoy
Patrick Bauerlein, KWR watercycle research institute
● Innovative adsorbents: Affinity adsorption for removal of organic micro pollutants

Manon Bechger, Waternet
● Optimising wastewater treatment processes: 1-step filter at wwtp Horstermeer

Gerard van den Berg, KWR watercycle research institute
● Cities Under Climate Change (chair)
● Planning to cope with floods: Sufficient & safe water supply during flood periods

dws-iwa2014-presentation-2012-busan-350pxSandra Borges Freitas, Delft University of technology
● Dealing with Groundwater Contamination : Sustainable mitigation of arsenic contaminated ground water in India

Lute Broens, BiAqua
● Biofouling control of membrane systems by phosphate limitation

Bart de Bruin, Royal Haskoning DHV
● Aerobic granular sludge: How will aerobic granular sludge influence industrial and municipal wastewater treatment?

Martijn Bijmans, Wetsus
● Resource recovery innovations: Bioelectrochemical resource recovery

Jonathan Clement, PWN Technologies
● Plenary Panel Discussion (panelist)

Peter Dane, VEWIN
● Biosolids treatment & beneficial reuse (chair)

Alexander Duyndam, Schuttelaar & Partners
● Making resource recovery happen: What are upcoming trends?

Berry Gersonius, Unesco-IHE Institute for Water Education
● Urban stormwater & framework for flood resilience in Global Cities to 2050

Andreas Giesen, Royal Haskoning DHV
● Aerobic granular sludge reactors : Full-scale experiences with aerobic granular biomass technology
● Aerobic granular sludge - mapping application & needs (chair)

Niels Groot, DOW Chemicals
● Eco-efficient industrial water use & reuse: Decouple water productivity from demand
● Water for industry: Assessing water usage & sustainability in the automotive industry

Arjan Harmsel, Arcadis
● Planning to cope with floods: Dynamic planning on catchment scale

dws-iwa-pia-2014-winners-global-winners-2012-350pxRene Hoeijmakers, Arcadis
● Removing inorganics from industrial water supply: Mild desalination of various raw water streams
● Infrastructure Asset Management: RAMS - A tool for improved water treatment plant performance

Jan Hofman, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Drinking water systems: Reduction of pharmaceuticals in the water cycle in Limburg

Roberta Hofman-Caris, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Biosolids treatment & beneficial reuse: Iron rich drinking water residuals for phosphate removal

Bas Hofs, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Water recycling for industry: Towards zero waste discharge in water treatment

Theo van den Hoven, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Watershare distribution: Distribution tools

Adriana Hulsmann, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Water safety plans (chair)

Dragan Jovanov, Kiwa
● Recognising Quality

Ineke Kleemans, Unesco-IHE Institute for water education
● Managing water across boundaries: Analysing the Aswan dam

Olaf van der Kolk, Reststoffenunie
● Resource recovery: From push to pull in practice: Current technological options and inspiring examples

Kees van Leeuwen, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Moving to sustainability - modelling (chair)
● Watershare sustainability: city blueprint

Jules van Lier, Delft University of technology
● Energy & resource recovery from waste water & biosolids: Future of energy & resources recovery for wastewater treatment plants

Hein van Lieverloo, Viaeterna
● Health related water microbiology: Heterotrophic plate counts as index for contamination

Gang Liu, Delft University of technology
● Microbial Impacts on drinking water quality: Bacteria in drinking water system from source to tap

Mark van Loosdrecht, Delft University of technology
● Phosphorus Recovery (chair)
● Aerobic granular sludge reactors (chair)
● Aerobic granular sludge - mapping application & needs (chair)
● Activated sludge systems: Modelling aerobic methane oxidation in a municipal WWTP

Gertjan Medema, Delft University of technology
● Microbial Impacts on drinking water quality (chair)
● Watershare resources and treatment: QMRA

dws-iwa2014-exhibition-2012-busan-350pxJan Post, Wetsus/Wageningen University
● New routes to energy recovery: Free energy from salinity gradients

Klaasjan Raat, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Urban resilience & adaptation to climate change: How can cities build resilience to secure supplies?
● Dealing with groundwater contamination (chair)

Sigrid Scherrenberg, Evides Industriewater
● Water recycling for industry: Reliable & cost effective water production from wwtp for greenhouses using minimal RO pre-treatment

Andrew Segrave, KWR watercycle research institute
● Watershare sustainability: future map

Ed Smeets, Edmadi
● Tariffs & affordability -Trends & challenges (chair)
● Right price, best performance (chair)

Henri Spanjers, Delft University of technology
● Anaerobic Digestion (chair)

Cora Uijterlinde, Foundation for applied water research (STOWA)
● Aerobic granular sludge: How will aerobic granular sludge influence industrial and municipal wastewater treatment?

Siemen Veenstra , Vitens-Evides International
● Innovative contracting for service delivery: Innovative and outcome orientated service contracts

Erwin Vonk, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Optimising Water Resources (chair)
● Planning to cope with floods: Optimal reservoir operation Xinanjiang-Fuchunjiang reservoir cascade

Jan Vreeburg, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Watershare distribution: Chlorine Free/Self Cleaning Networks
● Moving to sustainability -Case studies (chair)
● Infrastructure asset management: Networks significantly cheaper when smartly redesigned
● Drinking water quality - Contaminants & cures: Discolouration loose deposits

dws-kwr-watershare-iwa2012-booth-350pxUte Wehn, Unesco-IHE Institute for water education
● Water governance & stakeholder engagement: How does stakeholder engagement differ from public participation
● Cooperation for WASH sector capacity development (chair)

Annemarie van Wezel, KWR watercycle research institute
● Drinking water systems: Prioritising emerging chemicals for drinking water utilities
● Micro pollutants: Emissions sources of micro plastics to fresh surface waters

Lesha Witmer, The Butterfly Effect
● Water governance & stakeholder engagement: How does stakeholder engagement differ from public participation

Susanne Wuijts, RIVM
● Optimising water resources: Climate change & drinking water resources in the Netherlands

Koen Zuurbier, KWR Watercycle research institute
● Managing the coastal zone: Effective & cost-efficient freshwater solutions
● Watershare sustainability: ASR suitability maps

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