dws-iwa2014-watershare-ctm-vierssen-rovira-770pxFundació CTM Centre Tecnològic at Manresa, Spain, has become member of the Watershare platform.

The agreement was signed by deputy director Miquel Rovira of CTM (right) and CEO Wim van Vierssen of KWR watercycle research institute (left)

Watershare is a platform of highly reputed water institutes that collaborate intensively in order to better serve their end-user clients. Within Watershare, selected knowledge institutes from all over the world share their expert water-related R&D tools. 

Eighth member
CTM Centre Tecnològic is the eighth research institute of join the Watershare platform. CTM provides specialised services and carries out R&D and IT projects in the fields of water and environmental technology.

With CTM joining the Watershare platform, there will be more options to apply the Watershare tools in Spain and to develop other tools that are needed in southern Europe.

dws-iwa2014-watershare-booth-350px  Watershare booth at IWA congress in Lisbon.

City blueprint action group
One of the existing Watershare tools is the City Blueprint, where CTM is already actively involved in. CTM co-chairs the City Blueprint Action Group, one of the most active groups in the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water).

Until now baseline assessments have been carried out for 30 cities in 22 countries, mainly in Europe.

The project will be highlighted in the Watershare Business Forum during the congress in Lisbon.

CTM also coordinates the EU Horizon 2020 project BlueSCities: Blueprints for Smart Cities. The goal is to develop a coordinated approach to the integration of the water and waste sectors within the EIP Smart Cities and Communities.

About CTM
CTM is a non-profit private technological centre with a third party agreement with the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC). CTM activities cover the sectors Materials Technology and Environmental Technology amongst others.

The Environment department specialises in water testing and sampling, water quality analysis, contaminated soils and bioremediation of nitrates in ground water.

About Watershare
Watershare is a global collaborative platform for top applied research institutes in the public water sector. Knowledge institutes that are member of the platform have access to a large number of software products, developed to resolve practical problems faced by the end-users of these knowledge institutes.

At the moment, the Watershare platform comprises 23 tools, including many software products from founding partner KWR.

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