dws-iww-pavilion-biotrack-770pxThe Holland Business pavilion at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2013 trade exhibition acted as a perfect business place for over 40 participating Dutch water  technology companies, showing their latest's innovative products and services. Every day the pavilion attracted many visitors.

The exhibiting companies used the pavilion for meetings with potential customers and successfully used the pavilion to network with the over 20.000 visiting water experts in a enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.

This year the pavilion also acted as home base for over 40 delegations that had been invited by various Dutch organisations. The delegations came from countries including South Sudan, South Africa, Mozambique, Mexico, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh and USA.

As hosts of the pavilion, Netherlands Water Partnership and Water Alliance organized many special events.

Aquatech Amsterdam 2013 took place from 5 to 8 November.

Below an impression of some of these events.

Well attended opening reception
dws-iww-pavilion-reception-770pxAt the end of the first day of Aquatech Amsterdam, the Dutch water sector hosted a well attended reception.

African-Dutch meeting
dws-iww-pavilion-warmerdam-african-delegation-770pxProgramme manager Simon Warmerdam of Partners for Water talking with the South Sudan delegation during the reception.

Pitch battle on innovative water technology
dws-iww-pavilion-pitch-award-van-der-molen-770pxProud winner of the Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award, Stefan van der Molen  of Blue Leg Monitor. 

Joint development of antifouling system for RO membranes
dws-iww-pavilion-biaqua-broens-prummel-770pxDirector Hilde Prummel (left) of Waterlaboratorium Noord, process manager Sjack Agtmaal (middle) of Evides and executive chairman Lute Broens (right) of BiAqua shaking hands to confirm a joint field test of BiAqua's system to prevent bio fouling in reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

Personal wish on flag and cheese
dws-iww-pavilion-cheese-flags-770pxDelegation leaders writing on a Dutch flag what they hoped to expect from their visit to the International Water Week Amsterdam and the Aquatech trade fair. The flag was stuck in a geniune Dutch cheese. Here seen are deputy mayor Bob Bowman of Akron city, doing so on behalf of the American delegation (left), Carlos Mayo of the province of Tabasco on behalf of the Mexican delegation (middle). Next to him is director Lennart Silvis of the Netherlands Water Partnership hosting the delegations.

Out-of-the-box thinking by young water professionals
dws-iww-pavilion-ywp-wrap-up-770pxTeams of young water professionals pitching their innovative idea to solve the issue of plastic garbage and litter in canals and rivers. The teams were presented by Johan Oost (left) of the World Water Academy.

Big challenges ... joint solutionsdws-iww-pavilion-big-challenges-logo-770pxThe world's water issues are too big to be solved by single parties. Therefore the Dutch water sector seeks cooperation to work together worldwide.

(photos by NWP/Rob Kamminga)

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