dws-iww-top-taltent-aqua-stage-770pxEight Dutch enterprising water technologists will pitch their innovative solutions at the Aquatech Amsterdam trade exhibition on Thursday afternoon 7 November. The pitches are part of the Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award 2013.

The events is organised by business facilitator Water Alliance as one of the  side activities of the Holland Business Pavilion where almost 40 Dutch water companies and organisations will present their latest's water technologies.

The International Water Week/Aquatech event will take place from 4 till 8 November in Amsterdam.

Pitch battle for Aquatech visitors
Water Alliance selected eight entrepreneurs in the water technology industry with highly innovative products. The eight entrepreneurs are challenged to pitch their products at Aquatech. The three best presentations will be nominated for the finale challenge that will take place in January.

The pitches for the Water Alliance Innovation Stimulation Award will pe presented at the AquaStage in hall 7 stand 07.528B from 15.30 - 17.00 hrs.

It will be possible to vote for the public via the website.

The eight entrepreneurs are:

dws-iww-top-talent-brendo-meulman-desah2-275pxBrendo Meulman of DeSah: Water schoon
Water Schoon is a small scale water treatment project in a district of 232 houses in the Dutch town of Sneek. The house are equipped with vacuum toilets and the toilet water (black water) is collected, together with the organic household waste.

This waste stream is digested in a special building in the district and the biogas is used to heat the homes.

The remaining water streams are treated in this special building too and the effluent is discharged on the local surface water.


Lisa Brand of LG Sound: MPC-buoy system
LG Sound's new patented MPC-buoy system is a solar powered buoy to monitor, predict and effectively combat algae bloom in surface water. The buoy, monitors, real time, water parameters (pH, type of  algae, oxygen, temperature, etc.) and sends it to a server that directs the ultrasonic transmitters in a pond, lake or dam reservoir. The whole system works on solar energy.

Cornelis de Haan of Royal Haskoning/DHV: Sewer Octopus
Sewer octopus is a detection system to trace wrong connections in a sewage system that is meant for rain water (storm water) only. In case of a separated public sewage system for waste water and for rain water, it happens that the sanitary drainage pipe work is wrongly connected to the rain water system. This can cause pollution of surface water as the rain water sewage system discharges the water untreated.

The Sewer Octopus measures the water temperature and can detect where (warm) house hold waste water enters the rain water sewer system.

dws-iww-top-talent-stefan-van-der-molden-bleu-leg2-275pxStefan van der Molen of Blue Leg Monitor: iQWtr
iQWtr (intelligent quality measurement of water) enables the user of a smartphone to upload a picture showing the quality of a surface water.

By using an app, the smart phone combines the data of the location with the analyses of satellite images.

The color spectrum of the surface water on the satellite image gives information on the clarity of the water and the presence of algae.

Gerard Schouten of Biotrack: Aquascope
Aquascope is a system for measuring bacteria without the use of a laboratory. It can measure the amount of any bacteria in all kinds of water, like drinking water, surface water, groundwater, wastewater, process water.

For this the Aquascope uses a DNA detection principle. Measuring and counting of bacteria is so minute job instead of days' work.

Mark Boeren  of Pathema: IVG-C CoolWater
IVG-C (Industrial Vortex Generator-Circulation) CoolWater technology is a solution for the treatment of cooling water completely free of chemicals. The product combines a cooling tower or evaporative condenser to all techniques on water area to exploit, without chemicals and with low water consumption and a reduced energy consumption.

Jdws-iww-top-talent-jos-van-dalfsen2-275pxos van Dalfsen of Wafilin: KeraWash
KeraWash treatment system is developed for industrial laundries to improve the energy efficiency and closing the water cyle. The wash water has a temperature that ranges between 70 and 90 degrees Celsius at high temperature washing.

The KeraWash installation incorporates ceramic membranes to provide high recovery of treated water for reuse in the washing process. The installation can treat the water at this high temperature so it can be reused directly.

Martijn Nitzsche  of Aqua-Aero Water Systems: Rain water credit concept
In arid areas rainwater harvesting is a simple mean to provide drinking water. However a tropical climate has only a short rainy period and the rain water needs to be stored to overcome the dry period. The Rainwater Credit concept has a solution to guarantee the quality of the stored drinking water. 

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