dws-igrac-thunderclap-map-groundwater-logo-770px-1The Dutch-based International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC) invites everybody to join its Thunderclap campaign on 26 November and send out a message via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr making the world more aware of sustainable use of groundwater.

IGRAC initiated this campaign as it will launch on that day the animated video 'Groundwater, the hidden resource'.

Hidden groundwater
About 50 percent of the world's population depends on groundwater for their daily needs, but many people are still not aware of the importance of this resource. IGRAC and Mr. Lee Tv produced a video to create awareness.

While groundwater is the most abundant source of freshwater on earth, it still remains a hidden resource. Often it is relatively easy and cheaply extracted, but what really keeps it 'hidden' is the limited amount of data on its availability, quantity and quality.

According to IGRAC there is insufficient real insight in the water below. If people do not know what's is going on below the surface, how can one expect that the groundwater is sustainably used? This is why the centre wants to inform the general public with the video.

The video will have its big online launch on 26 November at 12.00 pm Central European Time.

Join the online launch!
The official launch will be done with a Thunderclap. Everyone with a Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account can help spreading the word by joining IGRAC's Thunderclap campaign 'Groundwater, the Hidden Resource'.

IGRAC's call to action: With Thunderclap everyone that supports the video will send out the message at the exact same time. This way we will be able to raise above the noise and have impact.

Let's reveal the hidden resource called groundwater together! With one clap we can make a difference.

Join the Thunderclap and click - here -.


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