dws-kcap-waterfront-shenzhen-impression-770pxUrban architects KCAP and local partner China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) have won the Longgang Riverfront Competition in Shenzhen, China.

The joint proposal for the 80 ha riverfront area was awarded first prize unanimously by the judges. The award concluded a three stage international competition that started with four international teams.

dws-kcap-shenzhen-birdeye-csilkroad-350pxBirdseye impression of the new waterfront along the Longang river.

Attractive area for working and living
The competition called for a comprehensive transformation strategy and framework design for the entire 46 km2 Longgang waterfront area. This former industrial area is undergoing a rapid transformation towards an attractive and innovative area for working and living.

The transformation strategy focusses on a strong green-blue network with ´river-anchors´ as new thematic centers on transport hub locations.

Macro, meso and micro scale
With an essential task in water management on district level, the Longgang river is the backbone of the team's transformation framework.

On the macro scale, the river is connected to four mountains with seven river corridors, and five ecological zones which are transformed using a corresponding toolbox.

On the meso scale, it is divided into four parts according to their different spatial, functional and environmental features. Different spatial strategies are tailored for each section.

On the micro scale, diverse embankment types are designed to increase connectivity, to provide an active space for the river and people, and to enhance ecology and landscape values.

dws-kcap-shenzhen-different-levels-350pxKCAP and CAUPD integrated different aspects at three different scales in one overall design.

Water robustness
The masterplan and urban design strategies are supported by hydraulic engineering measures for stronger water robustness, resilience and further implementation.

Double water interception defence lines, including rainwater-sewage diversion network and river sewage interception pipe, are planned and a combined purification system with sewage plants and wetlands is utilised.

Waterway dredging and expansion are proposed according to a flooding calculation, and the concept of sponge city is combined with design details such as materialisation and vegetation design.

KCAP and CAUPD and team Arcadis, Landscape architects & urbanists, CallisonRTKL and Shenzhen University were the two remaining finalists in the challenge. In the previous phase team Arcadis was selected as winner. In this final round KCAP and CAUPD turned out as overall winner.

This news item was originally published on the website of KCAP.

(Images: KCAP)

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