dws-kuiper-masterplan-india-design-770px-1The Urban development & housing department of the State of Rajasthan, India, has notified the master plan for a new city, 60 km from the capital New Delhi.

The city's design is based on the ideals of more more food, energy, water and shelter (FEWS).

A Dutch consortium lead by KuiperCompagnons, with RoyalHaskoningtDHV and Ecorys prepared the Master Plan for Shahjahanpur-Neemrana-Behror region, with this new city as first envisaged.

The master plan fits in the policy of the national Indian government to develop the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC).

dws-kuiper-indian-city-dmic-zone-map-300pxWithin the DMIC, that covers an overall length of 1500 km, 24 nodes have been identified for an integrated industrial development. Seven new industrial cities are amongst these nodes.

Existing villages embedded in new city
The future city shall host a population of around 2 million and provide employment for 700.000 people. All the 42 existing villages have been embedded in the new city. Traditions and modernity go hand in hand. The village in the city, and the city in a pastoral agrarian setting.

Harvesting rainwater and energy, high tech agriculture
Sustainability (environmental, social, cultural and economical sustainbility is the guiding ‘mantra’. Rain harvesting, water recharge and water reuse are the aspirations. Solar energy on all scales shall be harvested.

Hi-tech agricultural development shall make sure the local availability of food, thereby decreasing transport and waste, and providing healthier and fresher food.


Ashok Bhalotra, together with Mark Niesten, Chris Jones and Hans Peter van Schooneveld from KuiperCompagnons, lead the team of experts to weave the master plan.

About FEWS
Sustainability is the key phrase of FEWS for More. Not only sustainability in the field of energy and use of materials, but also in the social, natural, cultural and

economic fields. Worldwide FEWS for More pleads for food, energy, water and shelter for everyone. Architect and city planner Ashok Bhalotra launched the FEWS ideals in 2009. Ashok Bhalotra is a visionary Indian architect and urban planner, who designed the 'City of the Sun'.

Since 1971 he has worked for KuiperCompagnons, Office of Planning and Architecture in Rotterdam, functioning as its director until 2010.

About KuiperCompagnons
KuiperCompagnons is a multi-disciplinary company with about 100 employees. The company is active in the fields of Urban Planning and Urban Design, Architectural Planning and Design, and Landscape Planning and Design.

Socially-communal engagement and care for the environment, are the company's starting points and guidelines in the approach and relaisation of assignments.

This news item was originally published on the website of KuiperCompagnons.

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