KuiperCompagnons and the Polish City of Poznan presented a development strategy to bring back the Warta river to the historical city center on February 8th.

For the first time in Poland, water safety, spatial quality and economic feasibility have been studied in an integral manner similar to this project.

Other involved partners in this project are real estate developer SwedeCenter and RoydalHaskoningDHV.

More interaction with river Warta

The Development Strategy for River Warta in Poznan describes how the city can become flood safe, and how at the same time it can use the qualities of the river.

At this moment Poznan and Warta have little interaction. In the future that will change. The City of Poznan has announced that the works on implementation of the plans will be executed in the period towards 2030.

Presentation final report

The final report presented by the Mayor of Poznan Ryszard Grobelny in presence of representatives of the Na Rzecz Warty partnership.

The full report can be downloaded from the website of the partnership Na Rzecz Warty: www.dorzeczni.pl/strategy_en.pdf.

Many large Polish river projects
The implementation of this typical Dutch approach is herewith a unique exercise in Poland. With many large river projects to come in the next years, valuable knowledge and expertise is gained during the project for preparing flood safe and attractive rivers and cities in the nearby Polish future.

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