Landustrie Sneek announced the supply of five Landy screws pumps for the inlet station of La Farfana waste water treatment plant in the Chilean capital of Santiago. The contract values several million euros.

Every day the inlet station handles about 600,000 to 700,000 m3 of sewage water, making it the largest wwtp in Latin America.

dws-landustrie-screws-wwtp-la-farfane-harrison-hot-springs-350px Example of two Landy screw pumps installed in Harrison Hot Springs, USA in a pumping station for flood control.  

Quality as spearhead
Prior to awarding the contract, the Chilean water company EDAM Ltda had issues various tenders that specified a large package of requirements.

Landustrie reports that not only the lowest price was considered, but also quality aspects and references. ‘Quality is one of our spearheads’, the Dutch company explains, ‘especially since the existing screw pumps at wwtp La Farfane, after only a few years of operation, showed breakage.’

For the design of its screws, Landustrie uses the Finite Element Method. This calculation program allows to map all forces acting on the screws, under all circumstances. This enables Landustrie to select the most ideal.

Structural modification to pumping station
All five Landy screw pumps, with a diameter of 3.7 meters and a length of about 21 meters, are delivered and assembled with drive and electric control.

Landustrie is also responsible for the structural modifications of the pumping station. Replacement of the existing screws by the new Landy screws will take place in different phases.

The entire project must be completed by the end of 2022.

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