dws-landustries-landy-adu-dhabi-750pxDutch Water technology supplier Landustrie received a 3 million euro order to deliver and install 48 Landy 7 surface aerators at the waste water treatment plant in the Jebel Ali district in Dubai.

The capacity of wwtp Jebel Ali will be increased from 300,000 to 675,000 m3 per day. The upscaling is needed to treat additional sewage water from a new housing area with 1 million inhabitants, the new airport and the World Expo 2020.

Landustrie will deliver its aerators together with gearboxes, motors and other accessories.

dws-landustrie-landy-7-dubai-scheme-350px The Landy 7 aerators for wwtp Jebel Ali will all have a diameter of 2.4 meters.

Optimal oxygen transfer
Typical about Landustrie’s aerators is the axial flow design, allowing a high-efficient oxygen transfer in the aeration tanks of the treatment plant. This ensures a optimum microbial growth and removal of the organic materials from the waste water.

Both oxygenation and absorbed power are a function of the immersion depth, and increase slowly at larger immersion depths, allowing for a more flexible process sequence.

Due to the uniquely shaped blades, the LANDY surface aerators guarantee that the oxygen is evenly distributed across the full basin, thus eliminating sedimentation and dead zones.

In its own test tank in The Netherlands, Landustrie determined the best configuration to achieve the most efficient oxygen input.

dws-landustrie-jebel-ali-aerial-350pxWwtp Jebel Ali with the expansion under construction (right).

High temperatures
The treatment plant is located in open desert area, with temperatures rising in the summer months to well above 50 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the gearboxes driving the aerators will be provided with sunshields. The motors driving the gearboxes are designed to suit the high ambient temperatures.

The Landy 7 aerators will be installed in the following months under the supervision of Landustrie.

The delivery is carried out on behalf of the Belgian-Indian joint venture Besix - Larsen & Toubro.

The expansion project of the whole waste water treatment plant offered by the City of Dubai, comes to more than 300 million euro.

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