dws-logisticon-turkey-daf-arizu-2-770pxDutch firm Logisticon Water Treatment has increased the treatment of the waste water treatment plant of juice producer Arisu in Çivril, Turkey.

Logisticon placed additional aerators and a dissolved air flotation (DAF) plant to meet the discharge requirements.

Arisu produces apple concentrate and due to increased production, more waste water has to be treated. As a result, the existing treatment plant was unable to meet the discharge requirements.

dws-logisticon-turkey-aeration-basin-arizu-350pxLow-biodegradable substances
Arisu has chosen to upgrade the existing waste water plant with a physical/biological treatment. Last year, two large lagoons were renovated of which one was equipped with four aerators, provided by Logisticon Water Treatment.

However due to the presence of low-biodegradable substances, such as polyphenols, the improved biological treatment did not meet all the discharge requirements.

Ariza contacted Logisticon again for the removal of these persistent substances and hired a dissolved air flotation (DAF) plant.

After fine-tuning the equipment with additional dosage of FeCl3 and polymer in the feed of the flotation plant, the discharge requirements were fully met.

The DAF flotation plant was eventually purchased and the capacity was increased with 40 - 50 m3/h.

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