dws-made-blue-bangladesh-770px'One liter for one liter' is the motto of social enterprise Made Blue that raises funds for water projects in developing countries, based on the waterfootprint of 10 participating brands, including Electrolux, Grohe, HMSHost, Verbego, Vreugdenhill, Maas International and Tennant.

Accordingly the amount of fresh water they use, these companies pay Made Blue to fund a water project that results in the delivery of a same amount of water elsewhere in the world.

On 13 November - Blue Thirstday - Made Blue handed over its first check of 110,000 euro to affiliated aid organisations. One of the funded projects include the provision of 170 safe water points and 5,000 latrines to the village of Amtali, Bangladesh.

dws-made-blue-cheque-hand-out-350px Dutch aid organisations got a cheque of 110,000 euro to realise water projects that are to 'mirror' 550 million liter water use by the participating brands.

Tailored water-related CSR-solutions
Made Blue offers tailored water-related Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions for Dutch companies.

Based on the calculated waterfootprint of the connected companies, it mirrors the drinking water consumption through creating sustainable availability of drinking water in developing countries.

Through water projects Made Blue makes the same amount of water available as clean drinking water in developing countries: A liter for a liter.

Made Blue was founded in cooperation with Aqua for All and is supported by Royal HaskoningDHV and PwC.

Hundred connected companies
Aqua for All and Made Blue share the ambition to make clean drinking water accessible to everyone in the world.

Currently 780 million people still lack permanent access to safe drinking water, which along with good hygiene is the most effective and efficient way to combat child mortality.

The first hand out of 110,000 euro was raised by 10 connected companies. Next year, both organisations aim for 100 companies to participate, raising1 million euro for water projects in developing countries.

dws-made-blue-logo-350pxAbout Made Blue
Made Blue offers companies in the Netherlands tailored water-related CSR solutions.

It helps companies and individuals to calculate their water footprint, create awareness around water issues and supports projects with measurable impact on sustainable water supply in developing countries.

About Aqua for All
Aqua for All is a foundation that acts as a matchmaker to establish sustainable partnerships between Dutch water partners and Dutch non-governmental organisations.

It supports both small scale and large scale projects aiming at improved access to safe drinking water and/or improved adequate sanitation facilities.

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