In 2015 Made Blue enabled the supply of 775 million liter clean water in developing countries by mirroring the water used or saved by a group of 27 companies that have joined Made Blue in 2015.

Made Blue acts upon the principle: a liter for a liter. Every liter used or saved by the member companies is matched with one liter clean water in developing countries.

Made Blue's 27 member companies, including renown international brands such as Mövenpick, Quooker and Vreugdenhill, donated for water projects in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya and Senegal.

dws-made-blue-775-million-mark-suswa-kenia-350px  Monitoring of the water quality at one of the supported water projects in Kenya.

A liter for a liter
"We hardly realise how much water we use", says Made Blue co-founder Machiel van Dooren when presenting the 2015 results. "It takes about 10 liter of water to make one cup of cappuccino."

The 775 million liter that have been realised by Made Blue last year, created a sustainable basis for health for over 100,000 people in developing countries.

Link with serving water and juices
Desirée van Eyck, Director strategic relations at business caterer Compass Group Netherlands, is enthusiastic about the partnership: "For all the water and juices we daily serve in our restaurants throughout the Netherlands, clean water is provided elsewhere in the world. This is not only a good story, but together with Made Blue we can make a real difference in developing countries ", explains Van Eyck.

About Made Blue
Made Blue is a social venture start-up investing in water projects in developing countries on behalf of a group of companies and entrepreneurs.

It offers organisations the opportunity claiming that for every liter of water used or saved, another liter is made available elsewhere on the planet.

For implementation of the water projects Made Blue works with charity partners such as Cordaid, Amref Flying Doctors, Simavi, Max Foundation and World Vision.

All funds generated go directly to the water projects and are monitored by Aqua for All.

This news item was originally published on the website of Aqua for All (in Dutch only).

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