The Dutch engineering company Royal Haskoning completed the vital Levee Information Management System (LIMS) Emergency Operations Support module for the South Louisiana Flood Protection Authorities East and West (SLFPA-E & W).

Status of flood gates, valves and flood defense openings
The objective of this project was to support emergency operations on a regional level by accurately tracking and planning the status (open/closed) of floodgates, valves and flood defense openings during a hurricane event within a web-based environment that allows local, regional, state and federal emergency officials to instantly access the same critical information.

Levee boards in full control
This project was important, because for the first time, the levee boards, Louisiana State and USACE can simultaneously manage and monitor the status of the flood gates (open or closed) during a hurricane event.

Fully suits the needs
As we are now in the middle of the hurricane season (1 June - 30 November), this system is welcomed by all stakeholders involved in emergency management.
"Royal Haskoning staff have a full grasp of our work and the flood protection system, which has resulted in a tailor-made solution that fully suits our needs," says Giuseppe Miserendino, Regional Director of SLFPA-W.

Royal Haskoning has been working on the New Orleans flood protection since 2006.

This press release was originally published on the website of Royal Haskoning

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