Dutch firm Nijhuis Water Technology announced the acquisition of Excellent Ozone Solutions (EOS), another Dutch firm,  specialized in products and services with ozone disinfection technology.

Over the last 20 years, Excellent Ozone Solutions has developed into a market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to the use of ozone in the treatment of cooling and processing water.

Besides Legionella prevention in cooling towers at almost all major data centres, academic hospitals and airports in the Netherlands, it offers state-of-the-art solutions for odour prevention, the reuse of industrial processing water and the removal of medicinal residues from waste water.

Innovative company
"Excellent Ozone Solutions is a wonderful, innovative company that has the best ozone technology, combined with a unique service and monitoring concept, making it possible not only to meet legislation, but also to achieve considerable water savings. The recently introduced Q-System is one of the most accurate, safe, sustainable and energy-efficient in the world," according to Menno M. Holterman, Chief Executive Officer of Nijhuis Water Technology Holding.

Affordable disinfection solutions
"This acquisition fits seamlessly with our strategy to expand our technology portfolio with break-through technologies, products and services. Many of our existing  industrial customers are looking for affordable and sustainable solutions for disinfection and odour prevention in the purification of wastewater. Excellent  Ozone Solutions, under the leadership of the recently appointed Managing Director John van Dijk, will also make use of our worldwide sales and service  network and will work with experts at Nijhuis Water Technology to develop new innovative concepts, combining the expertise of both companies.”

Worldwide sales and support network
Greult de Haan, founder of Excellent Ozone Solutions, is delighted about the acquisition by Nijhuis Water Technology. "The increasing demand for our ozone systems as a sustainable alternative to chemicals in the prevention of Legionella in open cooling tower systems, in the Netherlands and abroad, requires a worldwide sales, service and support network. In recent years, our company has also developed a number of sustainable processes for the reuse of process water and removal of medicinal residues from waste water, which will be rolled out globally, together with Nijhuis Water Technology."

More information
Nijhuis Water Technology
Dinxperlo, the Netherlands
+31 315 65 54 66

Excellent Ozone Solutions
Eerdbeek, the Netherlands
+ 31 313 654 641