dws-uk-ad-biogas-award-2014-nijhuis-h2ok-770pxDutch water technology firms Nijhuis Water Technologies and Paques are involved in two winning projects of this year's UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards for the most outstanding innovations in all aspects of anaerobic digestion.

The awards were handed out during the UK AD & Biogas 2014 trade fair in Birmingham, UK on 2 July.

Nijhuis Water Technologies' British subsidiary H2OK won the 2014 Innovation in process efficiency optimisation award for the Aecomix technology that combines anaerobic conversion into biogas of both high suspended solide wastes, waste water and grease.

Paques was involved as the Stoke Bardolph project was awarded the most innovative sewage treatment using anaerobic digestion. Stoke Bardolph is a waste water treatment plant of Severn Trent Water near Nottingham, UK. The wwtp has been recently upgraded and now operates three Paques recovery technologies.

The UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards are organised by the British Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA) and handed out annually to recognise the accomplishments of the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry in the UK.

dws-uk-ad-biogas-award-2014-nijhuis-aecomix-350pxDifferent waste streams in one reactor
The Nijhuis Aecomix technology was recognised for its unique anaerobic treatment capability based on solids retention by Dissolved Biogas Flotation.

It offers food and beverage plants the possibility of treating waste waters and organic waste streams in one reactor with lower investment and operational costs compared to other solutions.

Upon receiving the award, Brian Scheffe (left on top photo), Head of Anaerobic Digestion and Industrial Effluent at Nijhuis H2OK, commented: "We are very pleased to receive the award and inform the market place about the benefits of combined effluent treatment and organic solids digestion. Providing reduced trade effluent charges and increased biogas yield will enhance the financial viability of anaerobic digestion across numerous industries, including the food and beverage sector."

dws-uk-ad-biogas-award-2014-paques-phospaq-stoke-baredolph-350pxRemoval and recovery of nutrients
The awarded Stoke Bardolph project very much reflects Paques' adagio of revitalizing resoruce. The modernized waste water treatment plant incorporates three technologies developed by Paques for the recovery of nutrients and maximisation of energy production:
● Phospaq for the production of struvite as an excellent slow release fertilizer, 
● Anammox for the energy efficient removal of nitrogen and 
● UASBplus with a highly effective separator for the collection of biogas

Paques proudly announced to be partner in this award winning project.

This news item is based on press releases on the websites of Nijhuis Water Technologies, Paques and Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association.

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