dws-nijhuis-kazakhstan-npf1200hx2-770pxNijhuis Industries has been awarded the contract for the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of the largest ever built flocculation-flotation system, to treat wastewater from an oil refinery complex in Kazakhstan.

The flotation unit, NPF 1200 HX series, is the world record holder for treating the highest flow in a single prefabricated stainless steel flotation unit, still transportable by road truck.

The flotation unit has a length of 16 meters and a treatment capacity of 1600 m3/hr.

The unit will be built and tested at Nijhuis' production facility in Doetinchem, the Netherlands and transported by truck to Kazakhstan by late June.

dws-nijhuis-kazakhstan-npf1200hx-steel-plant-350px  An existing NPF1200HX flocculation-flotation installation at a steel plant.

High efficient plate packs
The system will be explosion proof and will work as a pre-treatment for a biological wastewater treatment system. The flocculation-flotation system will remove emulsified and dispersed oil along with suspended solids until the lowest possible suspended solids concentration is achieved.

The NPF1200HX is equipped with high capacity plate packs. The compact lamella plate pack has been designed to increase the separation area of the unit and ensures that even the smallest flocs are removed from the wastewater.

The floating particles will be removed automatically and continuously by a scraper mechanism. The unit is equipped with automatic sediment removal valves for removing any settled material.

The HX-version is a special designed range for low polluted waters which result in a high capacity per unit.

From design to operation
Menno M. Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Industries is proud to announce this new order, because the refinery consciously selected the DAF solution. "We have designed this innovative and large-scale system at our headquarters in Doetinchem and now it will be competitively produced with the most modern means".

When the construction is finished the enormous NPF1200HX installation will be shipped by road to Kazakhstan and quickly installed.

"A wonderful example of a complete solution that Nijhuis Industries supplies the oil, gas and petrochemical industries", Holterman adds.

dws-nijhuis-kazakhstan-daf-standard-350pxA standard compact dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit by Nijhuis, now available with an intelligent aeration system.

Latest intelligent DAF-systems
Nijhuis Water Technology has built a long term experience with robust and efficient dissolved air flotation units for the treatment of waste water.

The latest development is the Intelligent containerized flocculation-flotation (ICF-F) system based on a plug-and-play containerized solution, available in either 20 foot-long container or integrated with a flocculator and intelligent dosing control into a 40 ft configuration.

Also new is the Intelligent High Rate Flotation (IHRF) system suitable for high capacities above 1500 m³/h which is typically applied at large scale water production facilities as a pre-treatment step for surface and seawater.

In comparison to conventional sedimentation technology, the i-HRF is able to remove over 99 percent of algae and over 95 percent of oil and grease ensuring maximum protection of any post-treatment technology.

This news item was originally published on the website of Nijhuis Industries.

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