dws-nijhuis-wwtp-azomures-complex-aerial2-770pxNitrogenous fertilizer plant Azomures is committed to build a new wastewater treatment plant and has recently awarded Dutch firms Nijhuis (water technology) and Witteveen+Bos (engineering) the contract for this project.

The two companies will provide a complete turnkey WWTP directly next to the Tîrgu-Mures municipal treatment site, Aquaserv.

Strict discharge requirements
Due to the large amount of wastewater and the available footprint, Azomures decided to outsource the operation of the plant to Aquaserv.

Technical Director at Azomures, Aurel Botezan, explained: "One of our current objectives is to become a green company. In the light of this aspiration, Azomures intends to build a new biological wastewater treatment plant to discharge clean effluent into the river".

dws-nijhuis-azomures-wwtp-t-rgu-mures-350pxMunicipal wwtp Tirgu- Mures, Aquaserv.

Lowest operational costs
As stated by Botezan "the project started with a feasibility study that highlighted the best solution for us. The study was prepared by Witteveen+Bos, who demonstrated a high level of involvement and professionalism in achieving all the necessary tasks."

The large amount of wastewater provides an interesting challenge for both Dutch firms to design a WWTP with a small footprint within the available plot of land.

Azomures was searching for a robust design based on the lowest possible operational costs.

According to Botezan there were several reasons to choose for Nijhuis and Witteveen+Bos: "After an extensive and deep evaluation of all proposals, we chose the most attractive solution and awarded their EPC contract. The solution suited the Azomures wastewater characteristics."

dws-nijhuis-wwtp-azomures-pond-350pxTwo parallel biological treatment systems
To fulfill the wishes of Azomures, Nijhuis designed a system with a pumping station to transfer the water 3,5 kilometers from the Azomures plant to the Aquaserv site.

Here the wastewater will be collected in two parallel biological treatment systems consisting of several pre- and post-denitrification and nitrification tanks in which production water, and eventually wastewater from a nearby brewery, will be fed to ensure optimal treatment.

This news item was originally published on the website of Nijhuis Water Technology.

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