dws-oasen-puro-placing-ro-770px-1Dutch water supply company Oasen entered a new stage in its Puro pilot project for treatment of groundwater in a 200 m deep well with a reverse osmosis membrane. The RO-installation was placed at a depth of 110 m on 7 January.

The underground RO-install is expected to filter almost all natural elements present in the groundwater at that depth, including the salt that is there in the brackish groundwater is. The pure water that comes from the well, is to be used for the drinking water supply.

Oasen conducts the Puro project together with Waternet, Delft University of Technology, drilling company Haitjema and water technology supplier Logisticon Water Treatment.

dws-oasen-puro-ro-placed-in-shaft-350px  Pressure tube with membranes inside has been lowered in the deep well. 

Less energy and no surface brine discharge
The advantages of this concept are that not all of the extracted groundwater needs to be pumped to the surface. Another advantage is the high hydrostatic pressure available to force the groundwater through the membranes.

Finally, the brine is discharged deeper underground at a level where the natural salt concentrate is equal to the discharged concentrate.

Two-year trial
The results, which will be available following the two-year trial, will determine whether a cheaper and more energy-efficient alternative to conventional reverse-osmosis (RO) installations.

This news item is based on a news release on the website of Oasen (Dutch only).

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