dws-oecd2015-nl-display-boonstra2-770px“Water issues are gaining attention within the OECD and as the Netherlands chairs this year’s ministerial council meeting, it seemed a logical decision to draw the attention to the issue of sustainable urban deltas”, water specialist Carla Boonstra of the permanent representation of the Netherlands at the OECD in Paris says.

The result is a striking large wall display decorating the forum area with typical Dutch solutions to climate change, such as building with nature and co-creating a safer delta.

dws-oecd2015-nl-display-visitor-350pxNational presentation
On the occasion of the annual ministerial council meeting, the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) organises its 2015 forum on the theme of ‘Investing in the future: people, planet, prosperity’. The forum and council meeting takes place in Paris on 2 - 4 June. Dutch prime-minister Mark Rutte chairs the council meeting.

It is a custom for the country that chairs the OECD ministerial council meeting, to contribute with a national presentation. “Countries tend to promote their touristic attractions”, explains Boonstra. “We wanted to do something different and choose to display a typical Dutch policy issue. Our issue of sustainable urban deltas fits perfectly with the themes discussed here”.

Nexus on water, energy and food
"Many meetings within the OECD concern resilience and climate change”, Boonstra continues. “Especially the issue of water scarcity. The question how to share a limited amount of water, automatically brings in the water-food-energy nexus. Water use is interlinked with food and energy production. But also with health and biodiversity”.

In coastal cities around the world water allocation is even more complex as they also have to deal with subsidence and floodings.

Presentation of solutions
Boonstra: “We took the opportunity of the forum and the ministerial council meeting to show that the Netherlands has much experience with handling water in urban river deltas. Since we talk so much about complex resiliency and sustainability issues, we choose to present solutions. My favourite is building with nature. Many problems occur as a result of constructions. By restoring nature and using natural functions it is possible to create a more sustainable urban delta.”

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