Coastal reinforcements are not necessarily ugly. That proved the Spanish architect Manuel de Solà-Morales when he designed the new reinforced boulevard of Scheveningen, the Hague, the Netherlands.

The boulevard combines the construction of a new underground dike with an eye-catching designed seaside resort.

The new boulevard Scheveningen was officially opened by mayor Jozias van Aartsen and Dutch minister of infrastructure Melanie Schultz van Haegen on April 6.

Three flood protection meassures
In order to protect the coastal city of The Hague from future flooding, Scheveningen boulevard had to be reinforced. The water board Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland is formally responsible for the flood protection and constructed a 1 kilometer long and 12 metres high sea wall and nourished the beach with 2 million cubic meter sand.

By widening the beach and by constructing a curve sea wall, the power of the waves diminish, allowing the wall to be less high. This made it possible keep the reinforcements fully underground and invisibly integrated in the new boulevard.

Wonderful ambiance
The city of The Hague took the opportunity of the reconstruction to create a brand new boulevard with a panoramic view over the sea from different levels. De Solà-Morales designed the new boulevard following the original undulating course of the dunes and merges naturally into its surroundings.

It's different height levels separate cars, bicycles and pedestrians as much as possible, creating a relaxing and safe environment in which to take a stroll or bicycle ride with a wonderful view over the sea.

Wide steps all along the boulevard provide easy access to the different levels. Natural stone, paving bricks, bands of green space and shell asphalt provide high quality appeal. Lovely benches and atmospheric lighting give the boulevard its wonderful ambiance in the evening.

Mayor Jozias van Aartsen of The Hague during the opening ceremony.

Construction of the 1 km long underground sea wall.

More information
City of the Hague
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www.nieuweboulevardscheveningen(in Dutch only)

Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland
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