Optiqua Technologies has been awarded a grant from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 for the development of a unique water quality firewall, called AquaSHIELD.

AquaSHIELD combines 24/7 online and real-time event detection with high spec analytical capabilities for the rapid screening of water for the presence of multiple substances.

Smart water network
Aimed at water security and smart water network applications, AquaSHIELD will provide an affordable platform suitable for deployment in a distributed network in the field as well as a mobile system, and for operation by non-specialist personnel.

dws-optiqua-monitoring-leeuwarden-distruibtion350px  An network of Optiqua sensors has been tested in the drinking water grid of the city of Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

The concept is based on two established water quality monitoring products of Optiqua, and will make use of the company’s patented and awarded optical sensor technology.

EventLab and MiniLab
Optiqua’s online water quality monitoring solution EventLab (on top photo) will provide the real-time detection capabilities for contamination events in the distribution grid, while the MiniLab technology will provide the rapid and automated screening capability for a set of specific target compounds.

The use of a network approach provides important added information, such as localisation and tracing of contamination events.

dws-optiqua-aquashield-polution-350pxThe sensor measures the light reflection in the water main. When the reflection changes, spikes are registered indicating a possible pollution. Different sensors can produce different spikes, e.g. at different moments, and reveal the nature of the incident.

Optimize drinking water distribution
Integration into the AquaSHIELD firewall solution will provide utilities with a unique tool to continuously monitor their network for any water quality related issues and to optimize the drinking water distribution process.

Jos-Willem Verhoef, Managing Director at Optiqua Technologies reacted on the grant from EU's Horizon 2020. Verhoef said: "The AquaSHIELD product is a concept that will build on the success of our current EventLab and Minilab product lines, and will take it one step further as a fully integrated water quality firewall concept. This Horizon 2020 grant is an important recognition because a panel of international experts is confirming that our water quality monitoring solutions will be part of the water company of the future".

About Optiqua
Optiqua Technologies develops innovative tools for online and sample based water quality monitoring. All Optiqua products leverage our award winning and patented lab-on-chip sensor technology, offering highly sensitive real-time detection in multiple sensor applications.

Optiqua’s applications include the real-time online monitoring of water distribution grids, the protection of critical assets and rapid detection of specific target contaminants. Based in The Netherlands and Singapore, the organisation serves international drinking water companies and communities to safeguard the distribution of safe drinking water.

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