Oranjewoud daughter Antea Group France and Géo-Hyd reached agreement on the acquisition of all shares of Géo-Hyd.

The acquisition of Géo-Hyd fits the strategy of Antea Group's strategy as expert in the field of water management.

Géo-Hyd has 30 employees and is located in Olivet-Orleans, France.

Water quality
The company is specialized in water management with focus on the ecology and quality of water. The key competence areas are Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), geomatics and data management.

These competencies are also deployed abroad for projects by the European Commission and the World Bank in the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Algeria.

Strong r&d capabilities
The research & development activities of Géo-Hyd ensures a strong position in academic and research institutes and good contacts with external financiers involved in r&d-projects.

About Géo-Hyd
Geo-Hyd is a consultancy providing services in computing and the environment. It has about twenty employees, including scientists in agronomy and geology and technologists in computing and geomatics. Many of them intervene in masters at the Universities of Orléans, Tours and Limoges.

About Oranjewoud NV
Oranjewoud NV, topholding of Struktongroep, is a listed company with activities in the field of civil infrastructure, rail, buildings, environment, spatial development and recreation. This is the entire process of study, advice, design, plan preparation and supervision consultant to realization, management and operation.

From 2011 all international affiliated companies were incorporated under the name Antea Group. In the Netherlands, the firm continues to trade as Advies- en Ingenieursbureau Oranjewoud.

More information
Oranjewoud NV/Antea Group
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Olivet, France
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