Before bursting into 2016 we bring you the top stories on our website that defined the big achievements made in 2015 by the Dutch water sector.

2015 has been a great year for the Dutch water sector and we published hundreds of great news stories on our online news site.

We think they’re all great, but some rise above the pack.

Ranging from the new Suez Canal, Egypt, the preparations for the Pacific's plastic soup cleanup, the building of new Nereda waste water treatment plants all around the world, to the many contributions by Dutch water professionals at international conferences that addressed the global water issues.

Take a look at our top 10 news stories of 2015.

● WWF7: Buzzing Dutch delegation very active at World Water Forum in Korea, 21 April 2015

● Ocean Cleanup announces world's first floatable ocean cleanup installation near Tsushima island, Japan, 29 May 2015

● New Suez Canal project finished with record-breaking dredge production, 6 August 2015

● Stockholm world water week: Let’s accelerate WASH, let’s do it differently, 27 August 2015

● South Korea joins Giant Sea Wall project to protect Jakarta, Indonesia, 4 September 2015

● First of three Nereda wastewater treatment plants in Ireland took flow, 10 September 2015

● World’s biggest man-made wave rolls down Delta Flume during inauguration, 6 October 2015

● PUB selects PWNT ceramic membrane technology to upgrade Choa Chu Kang water works, Singapore, 30 October 2015

● AIWW Aquatech: Circular economy around the corner at Amsterdam International Water Week,12 November 2015

● COP 21: Netherlands grants 50 million euro to help civil societies in disaster prone areas, 3 December 2015

If you like these stories, please keep up with our news stories on this website also in 2016.

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