dws-delft-software-days-delft-dashboard-world-map-770px-1The Delft Software Days started on 28 October. This event, held at research institute Deltares in Delft, the Netherlands, offers two weeks of presentations, workshops and courses on software packages in the areas of water, soils/subsurface and infrastructure.

More than 350 software users and modellers from all over the world – from 40 countries in total – gathered in Delft to meet each other and exchange know-how on the latest software developments, and on making more and more software freely available (or ‘open’).

dws-delft-software-days-2013-training-350pxDeltares' open source policy
More than 5000 people are active in open source communities and have daily access to software codes they can use and develop even further. Two years ago Deltares started an open source policy. The latest developments and experience about this will be presented during the Delft Software Days. 

The event offers an extensive twelve-day courses, workshops and users meetings, presenting new scientific insights into software, modelling and data & knowledge management related to water, subsoil and infrastructure.

It has enhanced search-options e.g. Delft3D, XBeach, water quality, flexible mesh, Next Generation Hydro Software (NGHS).

Key note speakers
One of the key note speakers is prof. Ad Reniers, University of Miami, USA. Reniers works on understanding and predicting the nearshore and surfzone hydrodynamic and morphological response with a strong emphasis on coastal safety in all its aspects.

The Delft Software Days, organised by Deltares together with Unesco-IHE and Delft University of Technology, is being held for the third time. Deltares software is used in more than 120 countries worldwide. 

The event takes place in conjunction with the International Water Week conference to be held in Amsterdam from 4 to 8 November.

This news item was originally published on the website of Deltares.

More information

This movie shows how Delft Dashboard (Deltares) can be used to set up in a few minutes a tsunami model for Japan. Bathymetry data are automatically downloaded from on-line sources