Rendac Son, a part of VION Ingredients, and the Dutch water technology company Paques have agreed on the construction of an innovative new wastewater treatment plant that will produce green energy.

Replacement of conventional waste water treatment plant
Rendac Son collects and processes all animal residual material (such as animal carcasses and slaughterhouse waste) of the Netherlands. In their factory the major part of the animal waste is converted into biofuel, mainly used by power plants. This process produces a large amount of waste water which now is treated in a conventional waste water treatment plant. This takes a relatively large amount of energy.

More biogas and efficient nitrogen removal
In the new plant, anaerobic treatment - which converts organic wastes into biogas - will be combined with the Anammox-process in which nitrogen is efficiently removed. In a combined heat and power plant (CHP), the produced biogas will be converted into both electricity and heat. The amount of electricity produced and the savings compared to the current WWTP is an equivalent of the energy consumption of approximately 3,000 households.

Artists' impression of the new waste water treatment plant.

High nitrogen concentrations
"Within VION Ingredients, innovation and sustainability of existing processes are important issues and therefore anaerobic treatment is not unknown to us", said Roel van den Borne, project leader on behalf of VION Ingredients.

"However, the nitrogen in the waste water was a bottleneck for successful application of this treatment in the Rendac process. It is very difficult to remove nitrogen with traditional processes. The Anammox process has proven itself over the last decade. In cooperation with Paques, the feasibility of the combination of these techniques in our specific case was shown "

Future bio-phosphate project
Roel van den Borne continues: "In our industry we are the first company to realize such a combination of technologies. The new installation will also be used for the waste water of the existing energy park Ecoson and is suitable for processing the wastewater from the future bio-phosphate project. This project contributes to the further optimization and sustainability of the energy consumption of Rendac as well as of the adjacent Ecoson. Also, the new facility enables a yearly reduction of 1,600 ton in CO2 emissions."

Wwtp with small footprint
The future wastewater treatment plant has, according to the common standards for this type of effluent, a very small footprint. The biogas produced is biologically desulfurized with the Thiopaq process.

"A great project" says Emil Sandstra of Paques: "This shows the strength and especially the synergy of these three biological systems. Besides that, this Anammox reactor will be the largest of its kind in Europe."

About Rendac
Rendac specializes in the collection and processing of carcasses and animal waste material. The carcasses and animal residues Rendac retrieves and processes are in the category 1 or 2 of the European destruction legislation. This is animal residue that for ethical / social considerations or public health should be destroyed. More than any other organization, Rendac feels responsible for a reliable, secure and sustainable accomplishment of these public duties. In its activities Rendac focuses on service, hygiene, reliability and the environment. The final products of Rendac are being used for the production of green energy and sustainable biofuels, which provides a significant sustainability benefit.

About Paques
Biotechnology that purifies water and gas is Paques’ profession. Revitalizing resources is the motto. Paques offers a broad range of services, ranging from feasibility studies, consultancy and engineering to mechanical and electrical contracting. The portfolio for water treatment is wide and includes flexible anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment, (biological) sand filtration, nitrogen removal, sulphate removal, phosphate recovery and removal and metal removal. For (bio)gas treatment, Paques offers a very efficient desulphurisation technology. Customers of Paques are active in virtually every municipal and industrial market, such as food and beverages, pulp and paper, biofuels, metal and mining and chemicals.

This news items was originally published on the website of Paques.

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