dws-wetskills-uk-march-2017-south-africa-770pxThe Water Innovation & Research Centre of the University of Bath will host the first British Wetskills water challenge that will take place from 30 March till 12 April.

Wetskills is a two-weeks pressure-cooker program for students and young professionals with a passion for water. In transdisciplinary and transcultural teams they are challenged to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for real life cases.

It is the first time the challenge is held in the UK. Since 2010, 23 Wetskills events have been organised worldwide, in 16 different countries.

dws-wetskills-uk-march-2017-logo-350pxCross-sectoral collaboration
During the event in Bath, 13 students and young professionals from the UK, Belgium, Israel and The Netherlands will work together in teams to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for actual water related cases, posed by British and Dutch case owners.

The teams will be supported by multiple stakeholders across the wider water sector, including the Institute of Mathematical Innovation (IMI) and the Alumni Fund of the University of Bath, together with Wessex Water Services.

Four real cases
The four case owners can expect out-of-the box concepts provided by the team of students and young professional from the water sector.

Dutch regional water authority Delfland submitted a case about flood management. The case of the Water Innovation & Research Centre focuses on solutions for improving the resilience of the City of Bath using the City BluePrint concept.

The third case by the European Water Traineeship focuses on the creation of a programme for European Young Water Professionals. The Dutch municipality of Westland submitted a case about public engagement for effective water management in rural areas.

Intensive programme
On March 31st the event will be officially opened with the so-called brainhurricane: an interactive brainstorming event where the mixed teams will learn more about their cases and case owners.

Through a special speed-date session with several British, Dutch and international experts from the water industry and academia, the teams get the opportunity to collect information and inspiration.

The teams will present their concepts with a pitch and a poster presentation session during the 18th UK-IWA Young Water Professionals Conference, also hosted at the University of Bath.

dws-wetskills-uk-march-2017-aiww-winners-350px Team of Dutch and South African young water professionals that won the Wetskills Amsterdam water challenge in 2011.

Home coming edition
In May the third Wetskills edition in Romania will be hosted by Politehnica University of Bucharest.

After many inspiring and successful editions across the globe, Wetskills presents a home coming edition for the fourth time. Just prior the Amsterdam International Water Week the Dutch edition of the Wetskills water challenge will take place in the Netherlands from 19 October until 2 November 2017.

‘The Dutch bring you in!’ Coming soon: Wetskills across the Dutch delta! Make your contribution to current, challenging waterissues in the Netherlands and apply for this special event! Bachelor, Master and PhD students and fresh graduates are invited to sign up.

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