dws-ten-cate-greensource-sport-in-water-scheme-770px-1 Pentair, TenCate and Wavin have been commissioned by the Dutch governement to install twenty GreenSource drinking water systems for sports facilities at South African schools.

GreenSource.Sports for Water includes the construction of a synthetic sport field (Ten Cate) with a drainage system to harvest rainwater (Wavin) that is treated in a membrane filter (Pentair).

Two goals in one go
The system achieves two goals in one go: on the one hand, sustainable water buffering, water filtration and water distribution, and on the other, high quality multi-sports activities on synthetic turf that is available for use all year round.

The integration of the system  will be carried out in South Africa by the firm Landscape Solutions with its local partner, Royal Turf South Africa.

Acute lack of safe water
Many periods of severe drought have persuaded the provincial government in the north-west of South Africa and the South African Water Research Commission to acquire the best possible water management for both agriculture and drinking water through innovations. At present the acute lack of adequate, safe water, including groundwater, is regarded as a factor that allows poverty to persist and impedes economic progress.

The project relates to the entire North West Province, an area of approximately 105,000 square kilometres.

Training and supervision
Saxion University of Applied Sciences, as a knowledge institute in both  water and textile technology, will provide an important substantive contribution. Training and supervision of the proper use of the drinking water systems will be  provided by Mmapula Community Development, a company Saxion has been working with for several years.

The Advanced Materials Manufacturing Oost-Nederland (AMMON) foundation will monitor this innovation.  

About Gredws-ten-cate-drinking-waster-system-south-africa-350pxjpgenSource
Green Source.Sports for Water is a drinking water system using a synthetic turf pitch to collect and store rainwater, river water and groundwater. The filtered water can be used for drinking, irrigation or for sanitary purposes.

For the development of this sustainable product in open innovation, TenCate joined forces with Pentair and Wavin.

TenCate with knowledge of synthetic turf systems, Pentair with knowledge of water filtration and Wavin of water storage and handling

This news item was originally published on the websites of TenCate en Wavin.

More information
Project management GreenSource.Sports for Water
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Construction of a synthetic grass field with a drainage system for harvesting rainwater.