Pentair has been awarded the delivery of a highly innovative Direct Membrane Filtration (DMF) process train that will be incorporated into Pilbara Clearwater Alliance’s upgrade of the Water Corporation’s South Hedland and Karratha Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) in Western Australia.

The project has two stages that will increase water production to 6 million liters per day (MLD) at each site in 2013 and 10 MLD in 2014.

Effective and robust effluent polishing
The ultimate objective of these two important upgrade projects is to produce high quality water for reuse in sensitive local applications. To achieve thisrequires an effective and robust polishing step capable of handling secondary treated wastewater stored in shallow lagoons and treating it to the target standard.

The Water Corporation/Tenix Alliance that is responsible for delivery of the upgraded plants identified several operational and treatment challenges including, the remote location of the project and highly elevated algae levels (> 9 M cell counts / ml).

Aquaflex UF-membranes
Pentair worked closely with the Alliance to develop the DMF process concept which is a highly innovative application of Pentair’s X-Flow Aquaflex High Solids (HS) tubular membranes that enables the ultrafiltration of lagoon storage water. This process also includes a coarse (2 mm) pre-screening followed by ultrafiltration.

Three month demonstration
To test the system, Pentair helped install a small Aquaflex HS system at the Karratha WWTP. The system’s operation and optimization over a three month period demonstrated that the Aquaflex HS process in combination with UV met the Alliance requirements of high quality filtrate (7.5-log removal of viruses and complete removal of algae and other solids) and stable and robust operation while filtering challenging feed water.

An unicum given the highly simplified filtration process of the Aquaflex HS.

Pentair worked closely with the Pilbara Clearwater Alliance to demonstrate its X-Flow Aquaflex High Solids Tubular Membrane Technology and Pentair is committed to the successful delivery of these important upgrade projects in 2013.

This news item was originally published on the website of Pentair/X-Flow.


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