dws-pentair-x-flow-nf-module-770px-1Membrane filtration specialist Pentair introduced its latest innovation in hollow fiber nanofiltration technology with the launch of the X-Flow Color Removal Package (CRP). 

The hollow-fibre nanofiltration technology is highly effective in the removal of natural organic matter (NOM) in fresh water, which adversely affects the water treatment process as well as the color, taste and odor of drinking water.

The technology significantly simplifies the treatment operation system by eliminating three process steps.

Complex mix of components
"The level of natural organic matter in surface water provides ongoing challenges to municipalities around the globe", says Juergen von Hollen, Vice President, Advanced Water Technology. "Our hollow fiber nanofiltration solutions are unique to the market, providing customers with the most effective, robust and simplified technology available."

In water natural organic matter is a complex mix of particulate and soluble components of both inorganic and organic origin that vary from one source to another. During filtration of surface water it is known to be one of the major substances to cause fouling of the membrane.  

Chemical resistance membranes
dws-pentair-x-flow-xiga-hollow-fiber-350pxThe core component of the Pentair X-Flow CRP is the HFW 1000 membrane. Based on the highly flexible X-Flow nanofiltration platform, the membrane fiber combines the chemical resistance of X-Flow's membranes with the organic retention of spiral-wound nanofiltration.

The end result provides many advantages compared with conventional technologies, including:
· pretreatment requires only a 300 micron safety screen before the raw surface water is directly fed to the membranes
- chlorine resistance assists easy cleaning to help ensure stable operation
· reduction of bacteria and viruses to >6-log (99.9999%)
· elimination of three process steps
· a verifiable barrier that can be proven with integrity testing.

The CRP-technology is effective in treating the complex mixture of organic compounds in all fresh water.

The technology has achieved a high retention of NOM, expressed as color, humic acids, TOC and UV254, and shows low retention of hardness, including multivalent ions such as Calcium (Ca2+) and Magnesium (Mg2+).

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