During the Singapore International Water Week, Sigma Water Malaysia and Pentair X-Flow signed an agreement for Pentair X-Flow to supply membrane modules for two projects in the food and beverage sector.

In Malaysia an Airlift MBR-installation will be delivered to coffee extract producer Dan Kaffe and in Uganda an Aquaflex installation will be delivered to Nile Breweries/SABMiller.

In both projects, Pentair X-Flow's membrane technology will be used to reduce the plant’s carbon footprint and optimize the available water resources.

New membrane bioreactor allows partial water reuse
Dan Kaffe Sdn Bhd in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) is a manufacturer of coffee extract and spray dried coffee. The Pentair X-Flow Airlift membrane bioreactor will treat 60m3/hr of the coffee plant’s wastewater to reach stringent discharge limits and enable partial reuse for general cleaning purposes.

Pentair X-Flow’s Airlift™ MBR is a compact purification system that combines the biological degradation step with a membrane separation step. This provides efficient treatment of industrial wastewater with high organic content (COD) and a high free oil and grease (FOG) concentration.

The membrane modules are arranged in an enclosed packaged system that is placed alongside the bioreactor. The wastewater runs through the modules in this contained system, limiting odor and exposure to the wastewater.

UF-filtration holds back bacteria and viruses
For the second project, Sigma Water Malaysia is the OEM partner to design a water treatment installation at the Nile Breweries in Uganda, a subsidiary of SABMiller. As an important part of the overall process, Pentair X-Flow’s Aquaflex ultrafiltration (UF) modules were chosen to produce 140 m3/hr of high-quality process water from surface water.

The Aquaflex UF delivers high filtrate quality, yields substantial savings in space, cost and energy, and provides a reliable single barrier for bacteria and viruses.

In industrial settings, UF membrane technology is applied to lower production costs and meet growing water supply challenges through the use of surface water instead of potable water.

Pentair X-Flow’s hollow fiber UF membranes produce process water that can be used directly, if salinity and dissolved substances are within limits, or fed to a reverse osmosis system to remove salinity and dissolved substances.

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