X-Flow BV, a Pentair company, takes part in the research and development project SurFunCell that has been granted funding from the European Union, under the topic ‘Nanostructured polymer-matrix composites'. The underlying idea is that modified cellulose-nano-particle compounds can provide new sustainable materials with tailored properties.

Cellulosic materials as alternative for plastics
Within the project, six industrial and seven academic partners are developing new ways of modifying the surfaces of renewable cellulosic materials using polysaccharide derivatives and a wide range of functional nano-particles, leading to four different demonstrators in the fields of pulp and paper, cellulosic yarns, cellulose films and filter membranes.

Pentair X-Flow is the only membrane specialist among the participating organizations and the aim is to research alternative membrane production methods with nanotechnology.

New insights for water sector
“It is essential for X-Flow to participate in open innovation projects like SurFunCell where we can explore new technologies, engage in the transfer of knowledge with universities and be involved in the next wave of innovation.

Sustainability is an important driver for us and we are convinced that this project will bring new insights for the future of the water sector,” comments Erik Roesink, Director Blue Sky Innovation and Business Development at Pentair X-Flow.

Water re-use with synthetic turf
The participation in this EU research project, is in addition to Pentair X-Flow's involvement in the GreenSource demonstrator project. In this project a synthetic turf system from fabric producer TenCate, has been combined with membrane filtration technology from Pentair X-Flow.

This combination will make it possible to (re-)use drinking water worldwide for both sports complexes and landscaping with synthetic turf, particularly in areas where water shortages prevail or where only polluted water is available.

X-Flow BV is a Dutch based membrane technology company that was recently acquired by Pentair Inc. and is now part of Pentair’s Filtration Solutions global business unit.

Pentair X-Flow develops and supplies membrane technology for global municipal and industrial markets. Its technology includes membranes, modules and systems for filtration and purification processes for industries ranging from desalination to food & beverage.

This news item was originally published in the website of Pentair/X-Flow.



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