Pentair X-Flow has signed an agreement with IVM Minrav Sadyt to supply Seaguard ultrafiltration (UF) membranes and skids to the Ashdod seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant in Israel.

With a UF permeate capacity of 930 million liter/day (245 MGD), the plant will supply 100 million cubic meters of desalinated water a year. It will be the first potable water plant built under the government’s emergency plan for the water economy in Israel.

Once completed, Ashdod will be one of the largest SWRO plants with UF as pre-treatment in operation worldwide.

Israel-Spanish consortium to build swro
In November 2009, the IVM consortium, comprised of Israel’s Minrav Holding Ltd and Spain’s Sadyt, won the international tender from Mekorot Development and Enterprise Ltd to build the seawater desalination plant at Ashdod.

IVM will design, build, commission, and then operate the plant for two years. The plant is scheduled to be in full production by December 2013.

One of five large desalination plants
The desalinated water from the plant will amount to approximately 15 percent of Israel's domestic water consumption. Once the Ashdod plant is completed, the five largest desalination plants in Israel combined will supply around 85 percent of Israel’s domestic water consumption.

The largest Israeli SWRO-plant is at Hadera (127 million m3/year)

UF filtration as pretreatment
The Seaguard UF membranes are to provide optimum pre-treatment for the RO membranes. Pretreatment with UF allows for higher RO fluxes and has a positive impact on all vital aspects of a SWRO plant.

The benefits of UF pre-treatment include consistent quality of the RO feed water, a significantly smaller plant design.

Low capital and operational costs
According to Pentair X-Flow their inline UF membranes were the preferred option on both capital expenditure (capex) as on operational expenditure (opex), when compared with single stage media filtration.

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