dws-arcadis-peter-wijsman-wef-525pxWater management and climate change adaptation expert, Peter Wijsman of consultancy firm Arcadis was recently elected to the Water Education Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Wijsman is an alumnus of the Water Education Foundation’s 2012 Water Leaders Program and joins four other newly elected board members.  

Great international experiences
At Arcadis, Wijsman is responsible for developing the firm’s water practice in Northern California with a focus on water management and ecosystem restoration.

Additionally, he has background in policy development and planning for municipal, regional and national flood risk management and waterresources related projects which he has put to use on projects in the Netherlands, South East Texas, New Orleans, New York and in the Florida Everglades.  

“As the Water Education Foundation looks back on 35 years of successful work on various water challenges, I’m excited to bring my experience and international perspective to resolving some of our most challenging water issues like water conservation, climate change and integrated water management,” said Peter Wijsman, principal in charge for Arcadis US.  

About the WEF foundation
The Water Education Foundation is nonprofit, impartial organization, that maintains a strong commitment to high standards of objectivity and balance in all its publications and programs, earning respect from all sides in the debate over water in California and the Southwest.

The Foundation’s mission is to create a better understanding of water issues and help resolve water resource problems through educational programs.

Leading this effort is a 30-member, voluntary Board of Directors comprised of individuals from a broad cross-section of the business, agricultural, municipal, environmental and public interest communities.

This news item was originally published on the website of Arcadis US

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