Philips Special Lighting launched its new InstantTrust point of use (POU) system at the Aquatech Amsterdam 2011 trade fair on November 2.

The new UV-filter has the latest UV-light technology and solves limitations of current UV-technology. For instance, when switched on, it kills all pathogens immediately. Another remarkable capability is the fact that it can treat both hot andcold water.

Part of smaller water equipment
Philips InstantTrust is very compact so it allows manufacturers to integrate the solution into smaller equipment than ever before and gives them stylistic freedom to design sleek products ideal for the small and modern home. The POU filter is ideal for instant disinfection of small quantities of cold water (up to flows of approximately 4 liters/minute).

State-of-the-art UV disinfection technology
Frank Kauffmann, General Manager Special Lighting said: “We are very proud to be launching this unique, state-of-the-art UV disinfection technology today: It is a testament to our continued commitment to developing innovative technologies that help enhance the health and quality of people’s lives.”

Working with leading equipment manufacturers
Ernest Sanderse, Marketing Manager UV Purification: “Thanks to this innovation safe water is now always within reach: anytime, anywhere. We are dedicated to working with leading equipment manufacturers of end-use products to make this technology available for people around the world.”

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