dws-porto-eip-splash-winner2-770pxSixteen entrepreneurs pitched their new products and services to the attendees of the Porto Water Innovation Week on 27 September. The winner of this Splash stage competition was the Danish company Flow Loop with their plug-in panel for showers to close the water circle, not only saving water but also energy. Four Dutch companies were amongst the finalists and pitched their remarkable products.

The presented products very much reflected the future needs by the European water sector to become not only more water efficient and energy efficient, but also to engage more with society.

dws-porto-eip-splash-pitch-350pxpx The stage at Porto Water Innovation Week where 16 finalists pitched their remarkable products. 

Huge water saving potential
According to the jury, CEO Simon Kolff of Flow Loop gave the best pitch. In addition, the jury mentioned the fact that the product is already on the market and has an enormous potential on water saving. The jury praised the easy installation of the panel in existing showers and the low price. Flow Loop won the first price and received 12.000 euro (see top photo).

Four Dutch pitches
• CEO Hans Wouters of Brightwork presented the Xploring WiseMotes that has been developed in cooperation with the Canadian firm Ingu Solutions. Holding the mini mobile sensor in his hand Wouters explained that the new sophisticated tool enables water utilities to monitor their all assets wireless from within, not only in their pipe systems but in the water treatment systems as well.

dws-porto-eip-splash-foontain-alma-park-350pxGretha Oost presented her special designed fontain to make the drinking of water in public pace more attractive.

• CEO Lex van Dijk of BlueTec pitched his Forward osmosis process to concentrate the pollution of a waste water stream to very high concentration with low fouling potential and low energy use.

Gretha Oost of O-initiative pitched her special designed drinking tap water for public spaces. The attractive colourful design is to make the drinking a positive and engaging experience.

Alexander van der Kleij of Solardew presented his plug-and-play solar desalination technology with at the heart a water purification bag that can easily be produced by for instance the packaging industry.

Organiser of the challenge was SplashLink, an online marketplace to support an entire range of project, financing, and sourcing needs for the highly fragmented and increasingly stressed global water industry.

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