dws-priva-vialux-meijs-model770px-2Supplier of horticulture equipment Priva introduction its ViaLux M-Line based on medium-pressure ultra violet light disinfection technology. The new M-Line is specially developed to bring UV light within reach for a wide range of horticultural companies.

UV disinfection of irrigation water in greenhouses allows for improvements in the field of disease control, efficient water use and the increasingly strict requirements for food safety.

Priva launched its ViaLux M-Line at the horticulture trade fair IPM Essen, Germany, that took place from 26-29 January.

Disinfection of irrigation water
The new UV disinfection line decomposes organisms present, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses in both the newly supplied water and to recirculated drain water.

UV disinfection makes it possible to reuse water safely for longer. Furthermore, expensive fertilizers are used more efficiently if the irrigation water is constantly recirculated, as they no longer disappear down the drain.

dws-priva-vialux-red-peppers-350px  Box of red bell peppers grown by Van der Meij.

Avoid outbreak of diseases
One of the first users of the Priva ViaLux M-Line is red bell pepper grower Jos van der Meijs (left on top photo, together with Priva product manager Julia Model).

Van der Meijs runs a horticulture farm of 2.1 hectares and a large part of his peppers go to Japan that is well-known for its strict phytosanitary requirements.

"Disinfection is not yet widely used among bell pepper growers", says Van der Meij, "but you do see more and more disease issues occurring, for example, due to the Fusarium and Phytium fungi. If you fail to disinfect, the disease can spread greatly from a small source of infection. Some companies have even had to stop their cultivation sooner as a result", he warns.

Modular chambers
The Priva ViaLux M-Line is based on medium-pressure UV technology and is made up of several disinfection chambers. Their number is determined based on the size of the company.

In this way, every grower can be given a customized solution and the system can grow with the business through limited additional investments.

dws-priva-vialux-unit-350px-1ViaLux M-Line with its modular chambers to customize the required disinfection capacity.

Easy maintenance
Another feature of the ViaLux M-Line is the accessibility of several components. If required, the grower can replace the UV lamp, quartz tube and UV sensor himself and does not have to call in a technician for this.

Maintenance is easy: rinsing with acid is enough to remove the deposit from the quartz tube. The system can be used as a stand-alone system or can be linked to process computers from various manufacturers.

The advantage of linking it to the Priva Connext process computer is that the controls are fully integrated.

Advanced control and monitoring system
At every start, the UV sensor predetermines the water's UV transmittance and adjusts the disinfection process accordingly.
In this way all hazardous organisms are decomposed without any energy being lost due to a capacity surplus.

The system is protected in many ways, including against lamp failure, overheating, running dry and peaks and troughs in the electricity mains.

About Priva
Priva makes products and supply services for process management and climate control in non-residential buildings, in horticulture and in industry. It has sites and training centres on every continent and with a dealer and partner network with representations in more than 100 countries.

Priva has more than 25 years of experience in the field of UV disinfection.

This news item was originally published on the website of Priva.

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