Another contract to deliver high capacity Continuous Electro Deionization Systems (CEDI) and Membrane Degassing Units (MDU) for supercritical power projects in Egypt has been awarded to Pure Water Group.

The new projects at Assiut and Cairo West each have a pure water production capacity of 65 m3/h for use in supercritical steam generation.

Previously, Pure Water Group successfully supplied equipment and components to Damietta, Assiut, New Capital and Burulles.

dws-pure-water-egypt-cedi-350px High flow industrial CEDI-unit as devliered to two new Egyptian power plants.

Selective membranes
Continuous Electro Deionization (CEDI) is a electrochemical water treatment process that is applied after reverse osmosis (RO).

It purifies the RO effluent water to a constant quality (ultra) pure water by removing most of the remaining ions, including weakly ionized materials, like silicates and CO2.

Tender evaluation
Prior to the contract win, Pure Water had to demonstrate the completion and satisfactory operation of similar projects at three different locations, for a minimum period of two years.

The long reference list and past experience of Pure Water Group, together with an established reputation and full compliance with project criteria, proved to be deciding factors in the tender evaluation.

About Pure Water Group
Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of High Purity and Ultra Pure Water equipment and highly specialized in the Electro Deionization and Membrane Degassing technology.

From its European factory advanced equipment is distributed to water system integrators across the globe.

The equipment is typically implemented in the process and power industry, pharmaceutical production facilities and at haemodialysis centres. The application and product knowledge enable us to guarantee qualitative, high-end solutions which meet our customers’ expectations on every level.

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Video showing how CEDI-technology works.