dws-pwg-edi-south-africa-and-saudi-arabia-exhibition-770px-1Pure Water Group announced two new contracts for the delivery of electro deionization units for the production of ultra-pure water in South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Containerized installation
One contract concerns the delivery of an EDI unit with a capacity of 100 m3/h for Proxa, Pure Water Group's main South African partner. The installation is to produce ultra-pure water at a petrochemical refinery in South Africa.

The EDI equipment must be implemented in 2016 and it was decided to containerize it already at the Pure Water Group manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.

Together with a booster pump and pre-filtration vessel, the ready-to-run EDI system is fully installed into the modified 20-foot.

Removal of dissolved oxygen
The other contract is for a combined electro deionization (EDI) and gas transfer membrane deoxygenation (GTMDO) equipment for two major power plants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Early 2016 the equipment will be shipped to two power plants of Saudi Arabian Electrical Company (SEC) for the production of ultrapure water for super critical boiler systems.

In these projects the gas transfer membrane deoxygenation (GTMDO) units will be placed downstream of the EDI units, to remove dissolved oxygen from the pure water stream and protect the boiler surfaces from corrosion.

To achieve the low oxygen requirement of less than 100 ppb, the units operate in a vacuum of inert nitrogen gas.

Leading technology provider in Middle East region
The supply of this advanced equipment for these new power projects emphasizes Pure Water Group’s ambition to extend its partnership with leading technology providers in the Middle East region.

Together with its local partners the company promotes the awareness of sustainable pure water technologies.

Pure Water Group is a leading manufacturer of high purity and ultra-pure water equipment.

This news item was originally on the website of Pure Water Group.

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