PWN Technologies can start construction of the innovative pretreatment plant Andijk III for drinking water production in Andijk, the Netherlands. The local authorities have recently granted the building permits.

The plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2013, requiring an investment of nearly 50 million euros. PWN Technologies is responsible for the construction and the commission is by the public water supply company PWN North Holland.

Suspended ion exchange and ceramic membrane
The new pre treatment process for surface water developed by PWN Technologies, is based on suspended ion exchange (SIX) and ceramic membranes (CeraMac). This new treatment process will produce water of a better quality, but will also have a lower energy consumption (30%) and lower environmental load (using a natural resin instead of ferric chloride sulfate).

The first ceramic membrane pilot installation in 2008 at Andijk.

Comparison with polymer membranes
The use of a ceramic membrane compared to a polymer membrane has various advantages. Besides a longer lifetime almost any chemical can be used in combination with the membrane, making it possible to clean it with almost any thinkable cleaning regime. The strength of the membrane also makes it possible to use extreme backwash pressure without damaging the membrane and risking an integrity breach.

Although ceramic membranes are perceived to be more expensive than polymeric membranes, their longer life expectancy results in comparable membrane operational costs.

Existing plant outdated
The existing water treatment plant in Andijk which was built in 1968 has become outdated. The current plant requires replacement within a few years in order to guarantee a continued drinking water supply for North Holland in future decades.

Furthermore, the current plant’s capacity is insufficient for future requirements. The capacity of the current plant is 3,200 m³ per hour; Andijk III will have a capacity of at least 5,000 m³/h.

International interest
There is a great deal of international interest in this project. At the Singapore International Water Week in July 2011 PWN Technologies announced the building of a ceramic membrane demonstration plant for the Singapore water board PUB at its Choa Chu Kang plant.
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This news item is based on a press release by PWN Technologies.

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