UK water company South West Water has commissioned Dutch company PWN Technologies to design a new drinking water treatment works in Plymouth, using PWN's combined ion exchange and ceramic microfiltration technology.

The new North-Plymouth Water Treatment Works will replace the existing Crownhill water treatment works and will treat water from the Burrator reservoir and rivers Tavy and Tamar. These waters have a high content of humic substances.

The new plant will have a capacity of 90,000 m3/day. The finalization of the design is targeted for mid-December 2014.

New treatment train
The combined ion exchange (SIX), in line coagulation absorption (ILCA) and ceramic microfiltration (CeraMac) technology will form the core of the new treatment train, which will also consist of granular activated carbon and ultraviolet treatment technology.

South West Water has requested PWN Technologies to cooperate with H5O, its capital delivery alliance, to prepare a design for this project. PWN Technologies will be responsible for the design of its proprietary treatment steps.

dws-pwn-south-west-water-six-ceramac-design-pilot-350px  Pilot plant for South West Water to establish operating an design criteria.

Minimising treatment costs
Chris Rockey, South West Water's Science and water quality manager, said: "South West Water's aim is to continue to provide good, safe drinking water that has the trust of our customers, while minimising the cost of water treatment and our impact on the environment.

"The processes required to produce high-quality drinking water have traditionally been both energy and chemical-intensive and produce a lot of waste. Advances in drinking water technology and new approaches to the management of raw water supplies are beginning to offer more cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to how drinking water is produced."

Jonathan Clement, CEO of PWN Technologies: "We have always been convinced of the advantages of our technologies. We are very pleased that South West Water has recognized these advantages of our technology and we are looking forward to working together with the South West Water team and partner H5O."

Pilots and demo plants
In April 2013 South West Water started a trial using the technology to treat surface water to confirm feasibility and to establish operating and design criteria.

In Singapore a ceramic membrane demonstration plant was built at Singapore's national water agency PUB's Choa Chu Kang.

Earlier this year PWN Technologies demonstrated its first full scale Six/Ceramac installation of 120,000 m3/day at Andijk III drinking water plant, the Netherlands.

About PWN Technologies
PWN Technologies, a subsidiary of Dutch water supply company PWN, was established to make the water supply company’s innovations in drinking water treatment globally available to water companies. The revenues of PWN Technologies are invested in R&D programmes to strengthen PWN’s position as an innovative water supply company. PWN Technologies is located in The Netherlands (Velserbroek and Andijk) and in Singapore.

About South West Water
South West Water provides water and sewerage services to over 1.6 million people across Devon, Cornwall and parts of Somerset and Dorset. The company operates over 630 sewage treatment works and 29 water treatment works. It supplies its customers with around 350 mega litres (77 million gallons) of drinking water every day.

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