dws-rainmaker-jamaica-friction-wheel-drive-770pxRainmaker Worldwide reports that it shipped its initial water-to-water purification unit, valued at 100.000 US dollar, to its distributor Drops Jamaica.

As Rainmaker’s exclusive distributor in the Caribbean region, Drops Jamaica has developed strategic partnerships with large companies in the region, such as telecommunication engineering company Konnexx Services.

By establishing an operational hub on Jamaica, Rainmaker can demonstrate both its air-to-water and water-to-water technology to deliver clean water on the island that suffers from severe drought.

dws-rainmaker-jamaica-simulation-unit-350pxRainmaker's turbine simulation unit to replicate climatic conditions from anywhere in the world.

Decentralized and cost-effective
Michael O’Connor, President and CEO of Rainmaker Worldwide said: ‘We believe our decentralized and cost-effective technologies are ideally suited to these acute situations of water need.’

‘We look forward to collaborating closely with our local team to develop a long-term strategy for the region’, O’Connor added.

Tim Bird, CEO of Drops Jamaica said: ‘We are very excited to be deploying Rainmaker’s water purification and production systems in Jamaica and establishing a regional hub to serve the Caribbean countries who are experiencing water shortage issues.‘

Bird expects that machines in the field will facilitate further deployments on a larger scale.

dws-rainmaker-jamaica-soesterberg-350pxIn the Netherlands, Rainmaker is involved in a project to use its water-to-water technology in a container, combined with a generator. Without any connection to a grid, the container can both supply energy and water.

Membrane distillation
Rainmaker Water-to-Water units can turn up to 150,000 liters per day of polluted or brackish water into drinking water.

For this production it uses a membrane distillation process. A heat pump evaporates the water under low pressure and the vapour passes through a selective and hydrophobic membrane.

The unit can be powered by wind, solar, grid or generator, allowing to produce the water on the point of use, avoiding transportation.

Rainmaker’s technology originally derives from its air-to-water unit that produces water from the condensation of air. A special designed friction wheel drive (on top illustration) allows the optimum use of wind energy at different wind speeds and wind directions.

About Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.
Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. (OTC:RAKR) is headquartered in Peterborough, Canada, with an innovation and manufacturing center in Rotterdam,The Netherlands.

Rainmaker aims to become a global leader in solving the worldwide water crisis by creating safe, drinking water where little or none exists.

This news item was originally published on the website Rainmaker Worldwide.

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