Royal HaskoningDHV has entered into partnership with Samsung Engineering for the delivery of its Nereda wastewater treatment technology in South Korea and Vietnam.

Samsung now can apply the compact and cost-effective Nereda technology in its wastewater treatment projects across these regions.

dws-rhdhv-samsung-park350pxHigh return on investment
Samsung Engineering has completed more than 400 water treatment projects since its inception in 1970. Currently the company is operating in over 40 countries around the world.

Samsung Engineering aims for global sustainable growth whilst offering its clients an excellent return on investment.

Mr. Mansu Park, Executive Vice President and Head of Industrial & Environmental Business Division, Samsung Engineering said, 'Nereda’s innovative technology increases the capacity of wastewater plants while remaining a compact solution. It reduces pollution of waterways and requires relatively low operational and capital expenditure.’

According to Park, these qualities make Nereda an ideal solution for many of Samsung’s clients throughout South Korea and Vietnam.

dws-rhdhv-samsung-wwtp-deodoro-brasil-350pxWorld wide 40 Nereda plants are operational, including this one at wwtp Deodoro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

International Nereda network
Mr. René Noppeney, Global Director Water Products and Innovation at Royal HaskoningDHV said, 'We are delighted to welcome Samsung Engineering to our international Nereda network. The company’s expertise and local knowledge make it ideally placed to deliver our technology to this region.’

Noppeney: ‘We believe that working with partners, joining knowledge and capacity to deliver increases our ability to help our clients and enhance society.'

Five continents
Royal HaskoningDHV's Nereda wastewater treatment solution is already being applied at over 40 plants on five continents for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.

dws-rhdhv-samsung-nereda-netwerk2-450pxRoyal HaskoningDHV Nereda plants and global license network (February 2018) 

Nereda purifies wastewater without chemicals and cost-effectively by using patented granular sludge technology.

The technology was invented by Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and developed in public-private partnership by the university, the Dutch Foundation for Applied Water Research (Stowa), the Dutch Water Authorities and Royal HaskoningDHV.

Global water award
Royal HaskoningDHV has been shortlisted for the Global Water Awards 2018 in the Water Technology Company of the Year category for its Nereda technology. Other nominated companies are Fluence Corporation, LG and Xylem.

The award will be presented at the Global Water Summit in Paris, France on 16 April.

This news item was originally published on the website of Royal HasdkoningDHV.

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